Best VPN Providers

It would be disappointing not to access your favorite websites and platforms when you need them the most. But say bye to the inconvenience with the best VPN providers.

Apart from unblocking social media and web streaming websites, VPN offers other possibilities. You can share different files with extra protection. You can enjoy remote access, browse the internet with anonymity, bypass blockers, enhance security, and guarantee bigger savings at the end of the day.

A low-quality VPN, on the other hand, is a bit different. The risks of compromising your security are higher than ever. Your online activity might be tracked, putting your personal information in great danger. Another thing is that the amount of data you can obtain is extremely limited. That’s not all! Your internet connection might be slow. Also, expect a range of annoying ads.

Best VPN Providers

Here are the best VPN providers you can consider:

  1. PerfectPrivacy

PerfectPrivacy has been one of the trusted VPN providers of 2020. Their logging policy is superb. That means your personal data is not only monitored but also stored. This increases your safety and convenience over time.

Developed with the client’s convenience in mind, PerfectPrivacy provides a leak-free connection that’s only available at a competitive rate. It is packed with modern protocol options and sought-after AES-256 encryption. These include SSH, OpenVPN, and IPSec.

But wait, there’s more! The connection is unlimited. You can connect anything that runs on Android, IPTV, Mac, IOS, and Windows, making it a perfect choice for organizations, teams, and businesses. Torrenting is also allowed on most servers.

  1. IPVanish

Started with only a limited server, IPVanish now has a great and wide network with around 1,300 networks all throughout the globe.

But the number of servers is not enough to reach your needs. IPVanish also supports major security protocols. In fact, they use AES-256 encryption, protecting you from getting tracked. You can browse the internet with anonymity.

IPVanish is highly compatible with IOS, Mac devices, Android, and Windows. Whether you’re using IOS or Android phones, IPVanish has a great compatibility you would enjoy for many years.

You have used a VPN before. How was the experience? Perhaps, you’re disappointed with the connection. IPVanish, on the contrary, is different. In fact, you can connect at least 10 devices simultaneously.

The bandwidth is also unlimited, ensuring speed and functionality.

  1. Mullvad

Before, it was hard to search for a feature-packed and excellent VPN? But it has been easier with Mullvad.

Although it is not as outstanding as other VPN providers, don’t underestimate Mullvad as it provides log-free website browsing for Linux, Windows, and Max powered devices.

Just like IPVanish, Mullvad features AES-256 encryption with WireGuard protocols and OpenVPN.

Websites use cookies that track visitors. Using Mullvad can protect your IP address. Thanks to its security technology.

How about the server speed? Well, it is as fast as you imagine, ensuring optimal convenience.

The money-back-guarantee can last within 30 days. Whether you are tired or unsatisfied with the service, feel free to contact the company.

  1. CyberGhost

Experts-recommended and top-notch, CyberGhost has an outstanding list of services. They currently have approximately 5,900 servers throughout 90 countries.

Whether you are in Asia or America, you can connect to a server without any difficulty

What’s the main factor you consider when looking for the best VPN providers? Perhaps, it’s your privacy. At CyberGhost, you can expect a no-logging policy. You can browse social media platforms while staying anonymous.

Whether you encounter WebRTC or DNS leaks before, CyberGhost stands out from the competition.

The company also features an automatic kill switch. If there’s any leak, your session will …

Top 10 Facts about Elephants

Most of us have seen an elephant. We can describe them as a huge animal on earth. This specie has been an inspiration for different cartoon movies, including the Ice Age. Aside from being huge, what are the other interesting facts about elephants?

Facts about Elephants


In this post, we are going to tackle the Top 10 facts about elephants that you will surely love. Get yourself ready, as we will take you to the world of this huge yet cutie mammal.

  1. 90 Percent of the African Elephant’s Population Has been Wiped Out In the Past Centuries

For the past centuries and decades, more or less 90 percent of African elephants are killed because of the high demand for ivory in the market. Currently, you can only see less than half a million elephants in the wild.

  1. An Elephant Never Forgets

If you look closer, an elephant features a denser and larger temporal lobe, which is a part of the brain connected with memory. Since then, the saying “an elephant never forgets” is formed.

  1. Calves Can Stand within 20 Minutes of Birth

One of the interesting facts about the elephant calves is that they can walk and stand for 1 hour and 30 minutes after being born. So, there is no doubt why they can start walking with the group of herds two days after their birth.

  1. They Communicate Through Vibrations

Young and adult elephants can communicate using different ways, such as scent, touch, body language, and sounds. In addition to that, they also connect with the use of seismic signals, which is a vibration produced from the ground.

  1. Elephants are Constantly Eating

As mentioned, elephants are huge mammals. So, it is not a surprise if they consume almost 150 kilograms of food daily since most of their time are spent eating.

  1. They Have Thick Skin

In most cases, an elephant features 2.5 centimeters of thick skin. The wrinkles and folds that cover their body can store water. That’s why they can maintain their cool body temperature. Through a frequent mud and dust baths, elephants can maintain a good and clean skin.

  1. Their Tusks are Teeth

At two years old, elephants tusks form up. These enlarged incisor teeth grow continuously as the elephant ages.

  1. Their Trunks Have Mad Skills

The trunks of an elephant contain about 150,000 muscles. This is one of the most delicate organs any mammal has.

  1. You can Determine their Specie By Looking at Their Ears

Asian and African elephants are the two species of this huge mammal. The ears of an Asian elephant is smaller compared to African elephants. You can also spot their specie by looking at their trunks. An Asian elephant features one finger’s placed near its trunks while the African one has two.

  1. They are the Largest Animal in the Whole World

As mentioned, elephants are the largest mammal that exists in this world. A male elephant weighs 6 tonnes and 3 meters tall when they reach 35 to 40 years of age.…

Best Hosting for WordPress

WordPress is a professional and reliable website for blogging and sharing goodness to an audience. Here, you are allowed to post blogs about anything such as lifestyle, food, travel, education, and other else. There are plenty of templates that you can choose from to make each blog more fun and attractive. However, these are not yet enough. WordPress- as a growing website for blogging, deserves only the best when it comes to accommodating the bloggers and audience. Good thing, there are web hosts which can make the transformation to a better version possible. But due to competing brands nowadays, it can be hard to choose among the choices. With that, here are the top recommended and most reviewed web hosts that can be compatible and improve WordPress. Let us start now!

Best Shared Hosting for WordPress

1. BlueHost

On top of the list, we have a guaranteed, reliable, and well-reviewed by previous clients, the BlueHost. This web host has been known for years of its honest and excellent services that made the WordPress career of client way better and easier. BlueHost made lots of improvements with the features and services it offers. Also, a monthly subscription for the services of this web host will not cost you a lot. Guess what, it only costs $2.75! Isn’t it great? With this amount, you can save a lot of money, spending it on low-quality and unreliable web hosts. Another thing, the uptime of this web host is truly wonderful, for it is 99.98%. In terms of its loading services, it recorded 553 MS for the past one year.


Furthermore, this web host has a large database, and with that, it offers quality tutorials in using WordPress, which is way too useful for the beginners, especially. It is available 24/7, so any client can access and check it any time of the day. The only downfall of this web host is that there is no offered site migration with the cheapest deals. Above all, this web host is great and a must-try!

2. HostGator

Next in line is another excellent and truly recommended web host that can make your WordPress journey memorable and beneficial. This web host offers a lot of services and features. All are made compatible with WordPress projects and concerns. HostGator is able to gain 10 million domains, which served as its bridge towards the expansion of influence and popularity across the world. Also, HostGator is the best option if you are looking for a web host that has excellent traffic control. This guarantees a fast loading time, which is needed in managing a website with lots of visitors.

Aside from that, HostGator has an excellent and effective uptime speed of 99.97% and a loading time of 284 MS. Both HostGator and BlueHost specializes in WordPress hosting Mexico , so these are on the top list. In addition to that, this web host has 24/7 active lines that can be reached by the clients or anyone interested at any time of the day. The only downfall that this web host has is the increased renewal free, but above all, it is a great choice!

3. SiteGround

The third in line is the SiteGround. This web host is also one of the top used and recommended web hosts of all time. It provides excellent features and services that can make WordPress projects more satisfying. It has been a legitimate service in WordPress and recommended since 2004. In terms of its domain, this web host is able to grow over 800,000 large networks.

Also, this web host offers the chance to change …

Here are the top Android apps to create WhatsApp stickers

The usage of stickers will be one of the contemporary methods of conveying your message on social media. You will come across 3 benefits of making use of stickers on WhatsApp  Firstly, it will be possible for you to express your feelings, show your disposition, and also expose your thoughts. Secondly, it will help to make the chat attractive. Lastly, your friends will be able to comprehend what you’d like to say without making use of any word whatsoever. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned the top Android apps for creating WhatsApp stickers.

Top Android apps to create WhatsApp stickers

  1. Sticker Maker for WhatsApp

This particular app is simple to use and will allow you to create customized stickers for WhatsApp. You can begin to create your personal options by just tapping on the “Create a new sticker pack” option. You have to select a name for the pack and also include the name of the author as well.

It is possible for one single pack to consist of as many as 30 stickers. You can create a sticker by outlining the portion of the photograph which you would like to convert into a sticker using your finger. After adding a Tray Icon and a minimum of 3 stickers, it will be possible for you to import them to WhatsApp by simply pressing the relevant button.

We can also create stickers in the form of videos with these applications

  1. Personal Stickers

It is a fact that stickers are actually PNG images which do not have any background. Therefore, you will be able to add PNG files manually to WhatsApp for using them as stickers. However, this process will take several steps for completion. You’ll be able to achieve an identical result quickly by using Personal Stickers. This particular app will allow you to import PNG images easily to WhatsApp as sticker packs

You simply need to choose the PNGs which are already on your device that you like to use as stickers or you can use the option named Search for stickers in the app. This is going to open up the Google stickers search automatically for you. You will be able to download the PNG images from there and you can add them easily to WhatsApp from the application.

  1. Sticker Studio

This one is yet another sticker maker app which will enable you to use any portion of the picture as a sticker by cutting it. It will be possible to make as many as 30 stickers in one single sticker pack for WhatsApp. In case you like to have a comprehensive sticker, you may likewise write on them, resize them according to your requirements, and also apply unbelievable filters. Sticker Studio is a sticker maker app which will allow you to use your fingers for selecting the area that you’d like to cut.

  1. Custom sticker maker

You’ll be able to use this app for converting your photographs into stickers without removing the background. However, there is likewise a manual option for you to do so. It is imperative for the packs to have at least 3 stickers before they can be imported into WhatsApp. Nevertheless, the process is quite simple for you to do. You’ll be able to see the stickers in the app by simply tapping the + button.

  1. Wemoji

Wemoji happens to be the subsequent outstanding sticker maker application intended for WhatsApp. This app has got the ability to generate stickers as per your likings. It will be possible to cut the pictures into any particular shape. Wemoji will allow you to include your preferred …

Best Datting WordPress Theme CSS

Dating WordPress themes are powerful tools with essential features that allow you to build a fully functioning site. They help users create detailed profiles, interact via chat rooms, and send private messages. While picking the right theme may look complicated, it doesn’t have to be. The best themes allow for customization and help you change the appearance of the site. Here are 5 WordPress themes for dating websites that can help you access the most active communities online.

1. Sweet Date

Sweet Date

Sweet Date is designed to help anyone build an active online community and keep the members coming back for more. It offers a range of premium features and allows you to create different membership levels. Unlike other WordPress plugins, it’s easy to enroll the members using their Facebook accounts.

Sweet date lets users monetize the website with recurring payments collected via different gateways, including PayPal. Another cutting-edge feature is visual appeal. It has a fully responsive design, so mobile users can use their devices.

2. Seeko

This is a community-focused theme with some useful features. Once you install it, you can transfer the content to your website. Not to mention, the homepage allows visitors to do their search. And depending on the features you’ve configured on your WordPress website, the plugin integration will give you the pricing for accessing the online dating community.

Seeko has some built-in tools that allow for matchmaking. So, once the users sign up, they can communicate with each other seamlessly. Besides that, you can message each other and create groups. That’s not all – you can customize the appearance of the dating site and use the drag-drop page builder tool. You’ll surely enjoy the features.

3. Online romance

The online romance theme allows users to share their success stories and even incorporate a blog. It features large imagery and highlights large ascents. In addition to that, it’s fully editable and has formats that enable you to add a lot of information on your website.

Online Romance has dozens of shortcodes and great custom widgets. On the other hand, the filterable portfolio helps users find the information they want. For instance, the homepage has stunning features that contain lots of information and a call to action.

The recent post modules link up the blog posts and help you share useful advice on dating. Along with the various icons to choose from, you’ll find a slew of simple tools to make your dating experience unforgettable.

4. LoveStory

is a feature-rich theme that contains all features for your dating website, in one package. After installation, you can see the user profiles and communicate with the online community in real-time. The filtering options allow you to customize the messaging features, live chat, and user profiles.

With LoveStory, you can monetize the website and earn income from it. If you go for a detailed membership plan, you can access the different levels based on your needs. This theme also includes a selection of widgets that allows you to add useful elements on your website. While the customizable nature makes the theme great for any community site, it can also be a great site builder.

5. Dating Theme

It gives all the features you need for matchmaking or dating website. A lot of effort has gone into making this theme as interactive as possible. Some of the features worth mentioning include private messages, built-in chatrooms, and online status indicator. You can also send winks and gifts to other users.

Dating Theme comes with a distance calculator to allow users to contact those in close proximity. This makes finding the right …

Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Looping 4


As you know, the break statement can terminate the current loop, while the continue statement can skip the left code in current iteration and begin next iteration. Today, we introduce something new, which can cooperate with the break and continue.

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When you using nested loop, you may want flow jump out from the inner loop to the main program directly, not from one loop to another loop. Or, when you using the switch statement inside the looping statement, and you want the break statement inside switch statement terminates the whole loop, not just jump out the switch block. In these situations, you need the label statement.

The genera form of label is:

label: statement

The label here refers to an identifier that you want to link with the statement. And the statement here refers to the statements you want to link with the identifier. So, you can use the label statement like this:

  1. var i:int;
  2. initial: i = 0;

or like this:

  1. outer: while (expression ) {
  2. //code block a
  3. while ( expression ) {
  4. if (expression)
  5. break outer;
  6. // code block b
  7. }
  8. //code block c
  9. }

Or even follow the label by a code block.

  1. initial: {
  2. var i:int = 0;
  3. var j:int = 1;
  4. var k:int = 2;
  5. }

If you follow the label by a code block, you can’t use the continue statement with the label. That’s because if you use the continue statement, the code block will become an infinite loop. And you can use the break statement to jump out from the current code block.

If you try to use the continue statement in the code block, you will get the following result.


But you can use the break statement in the code block, because the flash player knows that you want to join out from the current code block. So, the following code can get the result you want.

  1. testLabel:{
  2. trace(”hello”);
  3. break testLabel;
  4. trace(”System bug”);
  5. }
  6. trace(”ActionScript”);

Remember, you can use the break statement to join out from the current code block, which means, you should use the break statement inside the block.

If you try to use the break statement outside the block, you will get an error.


After some wrong cases, let’s take a look at the correct usage of the label statement with continue.

Remember our example about print the prime numbers between 100 and 200?

  1. var isPrime:Boolean = false;
  2. for(var i:int = 100; i <= 200; i++) {
  3. var max:int = int(Math.sqrt(i));
  4. isPrime = true;
  5. for(var j:int = 2; j <= max; j++) {
  6. if(i % j == 0) {
  7. isPrime = false;
  8. break;
  9. }
  10. }
  11. if(isPrime)
  12. trace(i);
  13. }

Now, let’s use the label statement with continue to rewrite that example.

  1. outer:for(var i:int = 100; i <= 200; i++) {
  2. var max:int = int(Math.sqrt(i));
  3. for(var j:int = 2; j <= max; j++) {
  4. if(i % j == 0) {
  5. continue outer;
  6. }
  7. }
  8. trace(i);
  9. }

When flash player meets the continue with a label, the flow will jump to the code block designated by the label and execute the code from the top of the code block; and when the flash play meets the break statement with a label, the flow will jump out from the code block and execute the code after the code block designated by the label.

For example, if the code is like:

  1. outer: while (true ) {
  2. //code block a
  3. while ( true ) {
  4. //code block

MoFuse,build your mobile site


If you use a wap browser and than just search anything through Google, you will be able to view a generated mobile version instantly.Today,mobile website/blog/rss is very popular.

MoFuse is a new service that many publishers today have a need for. MoFuse stands for “Mobile Fusion” and it enables you to create a mobile version of your website. It’s similar to Winksite, a mobile conversion and community service that counts BoingBoing among its customers. However MoFuse is simpler, in that it doesn’t offer community features.


At the begin of 2008,MoFuse had completed the update,we can take advantage from the new features.Here’s the full list of new features now available(below contents are part of the mail from MoFuse team):

Automatic Image Resizing
You probably already know about this feature, we were really excited about getting it released so we sent everyone an email letting them know it was here! If you have any images in your RSS feed or on your static pages that is greater than 150 pixels wide, MoFuse will automatically resize the image and make it smaller to be better viewed on a mobile screen!
Note: You can turn this feature off under the Settings tab on your mobile site dashboard

Mobile Site Homepage
Now all MoFuse users can edit their mobile site homepage and add text. MoFuse professional users can add images, text-styling and links to this page using our WYSIWYG page editor!

This can be used for a welcome message or you can just create a mobile site with just a homepage full of anything you want without making users click on a menu link! You can also set this to be displayed on every page if you wish.

Outbound Links
Before you could only add 2 things to your mobile site menu, a static page and an RSS feed. Now you can add any link to anywhere on the web!

Don’t worry if the site you’re linking to isn’t mobile-friendly – we’ve partnered with Mowser, a mobile transcoding company, to ensure that every link on every MoFuse mobile site is now mobile-friendly (more to come on this partnership later). So go ahead – link away! The entire web is now mobile-friendly and you can link to it all!

QR Codes
We’ve had a QR Code generator for a while now located at but it was never actually integrated with MoFuse mobile sites, until now. Now every MoFuse mobile site is automatically given a QR Code that all of our users can access right from their mobile site dashboard!

Increased Branding – The SMS Widget (MoFuse Professional)
Professional users that make use of our SMS widget will notice that the MoFuse logo has been removed from the popup box and has been replaced with your mobile site’s logo! Now your users really won’t even know you’re using a third-party for your mobile site!

Full branding from start to finish for MoFuse Professional accounts!

Live Support
We’ve added a button to our Help and Support page for Live Support chat. If you got an urgent question, check our Help and Support page and see if a member of our support team is online and available to help you instantly!

Bug Fixes
Over the past month we’ve also been hard at work fixing some bugs, mostly IE bugs. 2 of the biggest have been fixed:

  • IE7 and IE6 was crashing on the design your mobile site page
  • IE7 and IE6 would not work with the SMS widget

It’s been an exciting 2020 for us so far! We’ve surpassed the 3,000 user mark just two and a half …

Fade from one color to another–Animating Color Transitions in Flex


We will need to fade our applications background color from one value to the next like 0xC58D31 to 0×87FEE9. Fading the background color of an element means that you gradually change that element’s background color from one color to another. This effect is useful for many things especially when we update a web page without reloading it because it gives you a way to draw attention to the area of the web page that has been updated so the user doesn’t miss it.It is not difficult for DHTML or JavaScript, but how to do it in Flex? The following shows how to make the background of your pages fade from one color to another in flex.




The Service Temporarily Unavailable Error on Godaddy Hosting


Sometimes the site which is hosted by godaddy will get an error like this:
“Service Temporarily Unavailable
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.”


In fact this isn’t a proper description about above error.Most webservers don’t die out, Apache can take quite a beating. What generally is the problem. Usually we can’t fix it because that was produced often relates to the number of concurrent connections on your account at 1 time.For the Economy, Deluxe, and plan only 50, 100, and 150 connections can occur at a time respectively. To correct this, you will want to look into your closeout script in the page where the error is occurring. It is important to check that when people are leaving the page, they are also being disconnected from the site.

Another cause of this error maybe your site is using too much CPU,but unfortunately Godaddy doesn’t public the detail about the limit of CPU usage.…

6 Abnormal & Neurotic “Hello World” Programs Written in C


Programmer, smart, genius, abnormal and neurotic… If you know something about programmers, probably you often above words to describe a programmer. If you know a little on programming, you should unmitigatedly  understand all above adjective after you read below 6 “Hello world” programs written in C.

If you can read and understand all of them or even you can write something such as them, congratulation, you are one of the “Abnormal” & “Neurotic” of programmers.



Abnormal “Hello World” Program 1

#define _________ }

#define ________ putchar

#define _______ main

#define _(a) ________(a);

#define ______ _______(){

#define __ ______ _(0x48)_(0x65)_(0x6C)_(0x6C)

#define ___ _(0x6F)_(0x2C)_(0x20)_(0x77)_(0x6F)

#define ____ _(0x72)_(0x6C)_(0x64)_(0x21)

#define _____ __ ___ ____ _________




Abnormal “Hello World” Program 2



int x=0,y[14],*z=&y;*(z++)=0x48;*(z++)=y[x++]+0x1D;








Abnormal “Hello World” Program 3


#define __(a) goto a;

#define ___(a) putchar(a);

#define _(a,b) ___(a) __(b);


{ _:__(t)a:_(‘r’,g)b:_(‘$’,p)

c:_(‘l’,f)d:_(‘ ‘,s)e:_(‘a’,s)









Abnormal “Hello World” Program 4

int n[]={0x48,










Abnormal “Hello World” Program 5

main(){int i,n[]={(((1<<1)<<(1<<1)<<(1<<

1)<<(1<<(1>>1)))+((1<<1)<<(1<<1))), (((1


1<<1)<<(1<<1))+((1<<1)<<(1<<(1>>1)))+ (1

<<(1>>1))),(((1<<1)<<(1<<1)<<(1<<1)<< (1

<<1))-((1<<1)<<(1<<1)<<(1<<(1>>1)))- ((1



)))-((1<<1)<<(1<<(1>>1)))),(((1<<1)<< (1




-((1<<1)<<(1<<(1>>1)))),((1<<1)<< (1<<1)



1)<<(1<<1)<<(1<<1)<<(1<<1))-((1<<1)<< (1

<<1)<<(1<<(1>>1)))-(1<<(1>>1))), (((1<<1

)<<(1<<1)<<(1<<1)<<(1<<1))- ((1<<1)<< (1

<<1)<<(1<<(1>>1)))+(1<<1)), (((1<<1)<< (

1<<1)<<(1<<1)<< (1<<1))-((1<<1)<< (1<<1)

<<(1<<(1>>1)))-((1<<1) <<(1<< (1>>1)))),

(((1<<1)<< (1<<1)<<(1<<1)<< (1<<1))- ((1

<<1)<<(1<<1)<<(1<<1))+((1<<1)<< (1<<(1>>

1)))), (((1<<1)<<(1<<1) <<(1<<1))+(1<<(1

>>1))),(((1<<1)<<(1<<1))+((1<<1)<< (1<<(

1>>1))) + (1<< (1>>1)))}; for(i=(1>>1);i

<(((1<<1) <<(1<<1))+((1 <<1)<< (1<<(1>>1

))) + (1<<1)); i++) printf(“%c”,n[i]); }


Abnormal “Hello World” Program 6

#include <stdio.h>

#define _(_) putchar(_);

int main(void){int i = 0;_(































i)return i;}…