Best Hosting for WordPress

WordPress is a professional and reliable website for blogging and sharing goodness to an audience. Here, you are allowed to post blogs about anything such as lifestyle, food, travel, education, and other else. There are plenty of templates that you can choose from to make each blog more fun and attractive. However, these are not yet enough. WordPress- as a growing website for blogging, deserves only the best when it comes to accommodating the bloggers and audience. Good thing, there are web hosts which can make the transformation to a better version possible. But due to competing brands nowadays, it can be hard to choose among the choices. With that, here are the top recommended and most reviewed web hosts that can be compatible and improve WordPress. Let us start now!

Best Shared Hosting for WordPress

1. BlueHost

On top of the list, we have a guaranteed, reliable, and well-reviewed by previous clients, the BlueHost. This web host has been known for years of its honest and excellent services that made the WordPress career of client way better and easier. BlueHost made lots of improvements with the features and services it offers. Also, a monthly subscription for the services of this web host will not cost you a lot. Guess what, it only costs $2.75! Isn’t it great? With this amount, you can save a lot of money, spending it on low-quality and unreliable web hosts. Another thing, the uptime of this web host is truly wonderful, for it is 99.98%. In terms of its loading services, it recorded 553 MS for the past one year.


Furthermore, this web host has a large database, and with that, it offers quality tutorials in using WordPress, which is way too useful for the beginners, especially. It is available 24/7, so any client can access and check it any time of the day. The only downfall of this web host is that there is no offered site migration with the cheapest deals. Above all, this web host is great and a must-try!

2. HostGator

Next in line is another excellent and truly recommended web host that can make your WordPress journey memorable and beneficial. This web host offers a lot of services and features. All are made compatible with WordPress projects and concerns. HostGator is able to gain 10 million domains, which served as its bridge towards the expansion of influence and popularity across the world. Also, HostGator is the best option if you are looking for a web host that has excellent traffic control. This guarantees a fast loading time, which is needed in managing a website with lots of visitors.

Aside from that, HostGator has an excellent and effective uptime speed of 99.97% and a loading time of 284 MS. Both HostGator and BlueHost specializes in WordPress hosting Mexico , so these are on the top list. In addition to that, this web host has 24/7 active lines that can be reached by the clients or anyone interested at any time of the day. The only downfall that this web host has is the increased renewal free, but above all, it is a great choice!

3. SiteGround

The third in line is the SiteGround. This web host is also one of the top used and recommended web hosts of all time. It provides excellent features and services that can make WordPress projects more satisfying. It has been a legitimate service in WordPress and recommended since 2004. In terms of its domain, this web host is able to grow over 800,000 large networks.

Also, this web host offers the chance to change …