3 ways to choose a good Web Hosting Service Provider


Choosing a provider for your web hosting service is a really difficult choice(Ntt.cc bitter experiences here). With literally hundreds of companies all competing to become your provider, it is understandable to be confused. While each person’s situation is different, we can offer some advices to help you decide which is the best host for you.




  1.  Read Customer Reviews

Reading customer reviews about each web hosting service is probably the best way to gauge which hosts are good and which are bad. Existing customers usually write quite honest reviews, so you’ll know what to expect from a certain provider.

It’s impossible to please everybody; therefore all companies will have some negative reviews. However, if the overwhelming majority of the reviews are positive, it’s a good indication that the particular web host in question is a good provider.

Pay attention to comments about customer service, reliability, ease-of-use and contracts. These are usually the most important details about a web provider. There are countless review sites on the Internet and a simple Google search should send you in the right direction.

  1.  Read the Details of the Hosting Package

When you look at a hosting package, you need to read the details of the web hosting service package. Don’t just simply compare prices; you need to also compare the features you will be buying. It is no good buying the cheapest hosting package possible, and then later finding out that you can’t do what you want with your website.

Things like MySQL databases for WordPress websites, disk space, monthly bandwidth and easy-installation scripts are features you should take into consideration. Do some research beforehand and find out what you need to run the website that you imagined. Don’t fall into the trap of purchasing the cheapest web host, only to find that they don’t offer the services that you need.

  1.  If In Doubt, Go With the Big Names

There’s a reason why the big hosting companies mexico are so popular. Although they aren’t perfect, they provide a reliable web hosting service to many users. Companies such as GoDaddy, HostGator and Bluehost are advertised everywhere and highly recommended. This is because they provide a good service at a reasonable price.

If you aren’t too sure about which provider to go with, it’s always a safe bet to try out one of the big companies first. We even have a GoDaddy hosting coupon you can use to further reduce the price of purchasing your own web host.

It is still a good idea to read some user reviews and look closely at the hosting packages offered by the big companies. You should also look carefully at the contracts, as these companies usually want to lock you in for an extended period of time.

Starting your own website is both exciting and scary. You’ll probably not know what to expect and are trying to figure out things as you go along. Hopefully these 3 tips will give you an idea on how to determine which host is best for you. Finding a good web host is the first step in creating a successful website.

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Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Looping 4


As you know, the break statement can terminate the current loop, while the continue statement can skip the left code in current iteration and begin next iteration. Today, we introduce something new, which can cooperate with the break and continue.




When you using nested loop, you may want flow jump out from the inner loop to the main program directly, not from one loop to another loop. Or, when you using the switch statement inside the looping statement, and you want the break statement inside switch statement terminates the whole loop, not just jump out the switch block. In these situations, you need the label statement.

The genera form of label is:

label: statement

The label here refers to an identifier that you want to link with the statement. And the statement here refers to the statements you want to link with the identifier. So, you can use the label statement like this:

  1. var i:int;
  2. initial: i = 0;

or like this:

  1. outer: while (expression ) {
  2. //code block a
  3. while ( expression ) {
  4. if (expression)
  5. break outer;
  6. // code block b
  7. }
  8. //code block c
  9. }

Or even follow the label by a code block.

  1. initial: {
  2. var i:int = 0;
  3. var j:int = 1;
  4. var k:int = 2;
  5. }

If you follow the label by a code block, you can’t use the continue statement with the label. That’s because if you use the continue statement, the code block will become an infinite loop. And you can use the break statement to jump out from the current code block.

If you try to use the continue statement in the code block, you will get the following result.


But you can use the break statement in the code block, because the flash player knows that you want to join out from the current code block. So, the following code can get the result you want.

  1. testLabel:{
  2. trace(”hello”);
  3. break testLabel;
  4. trace(”System bug”);
  5. }
  6. trace(”ActionScript”);

Remember, you can use the break statement to join out from the current code block, which means, you should use the break statement inside the block.

If you try to use the break statement outside the block, you will get an error.


After some wrong cases, let’s take a look at the correct usage of the label statement with continue.

Remember our example about print the prime numbers between 100 and 200?

  1. var isPrime:Boolean = false;
  2. for(var i:int = 100; i <= 200; i++) {
  3. var max:int = int(Math.sqrt(i));
  4. isPrime = true;
  5. for(var j:int = 2; j <= max; j++) {
  6. if(i % j == 0) {
  7. isPrime = false;
  8. break;
  9. }
  10. }
  11. if(isPrime)
  12. trace(i);
  13. }

Now, let’s use the label statement with continue to rewrite that example.

  1. outer:for(var i:int = 100; i <= 200; i++) {
  2. var max:int = int(Math.sqrt(i));
  3. for(var j:int = 2; j <= max; j++) {
  4. if(i % j == 0) {
  5. continue outer;
  6. }
  7. }
  8. trace(i);
  9. }

When flash player meets the continue with a label, the flow will jump to the code block designated by the label and execute the code from the top of the code block; and when the flash play meets the break statement with a label, the flow will jump out from the code block and execute the code after the code block designated by the label.

For example, if the code is like:

  1. outer: while (true ) {
  2. //code block a
  3. while ( true ) {
  4. //code block b
  5. break outer;
  6. // code block c
  7. }
  8. //code block d
  9. }
  10. // code block e

Then the execution order will …

MoFuse,build your mobile site


If you use a wap browser and than just search anything through Google, you will be able to view a generated mobile version instantly.Today,mobile website/blog/rss is very popular.

MoFuse is a new service that many publishers today have a need for. MoFuse stands for “Mobile Fusion” and it enables you to create a mobile version of your website. It’s similar to Winksite, a mobile conversion and community service that counts BoingBoing among its customers. However MoFuse is simpler, in that it doesn’t offer community features.


At the begin of 2008,MoFuse had completed the update,we can take advantage from the new features.Here’s the full list of new features now available(below contents are part of the mail from MoFuse team):

Automatic Image Resizing
You probably already know about this feature, we were really excited about getting it released so we sent everyone an email letting them know it was here! If you have any images in your RSS feed or on your static pages that is greater than 150 pixels wide, MoFuse will automatically resize the image and make it smaller to be better viewed on a mobile screen!
Note: You can turn this feature off under the Settings tab on your mobile site dashboard

Mobile Site Homepage
Now all MoFuse users can edit their mobile site homepage and add text. MoFuse professional users can add images, text-styling and links to this page using our WYSIWYG page editor!

This can be used for a welcome message or you can just create a mobile site with just a homepage full of anything you want without making users click on a menu link! You can also set this to be displayed on every page if you wish.

Outbound Links
Before you could only add 2 things to your mobile site menu, a static page and an RSS feed. Now you can add any link to anywhere on the web!

Don’t worry if the site you’re linking to isn’t mobile-friendly – we’ve partnered with Mowser, a mobile transcoding company, to ensure that every link on every MoFuse mobile site is now mobile-friendly (more to come on this partnership later). So go ahead – link away! The entire web is now mobile-friendly and you can link to it all!

QR Codes
We’ve had a QR Code generator for a while now located at http://qrcode.mofuse.com/ but it was never actually integrated with MoFuse mobile sites, until now. Now every MoFuse mobile site is automatically given a QR Code that all of our users can access right from their mobile site dashboard!

Increased Branding – The SMS Widget (MoFuse Professional)
Professional users that make use of our SMS widget will notice that the MoFuse logo has been removed from the popup box and has been replaced with your mobile site’s logo! Now your users really won’t even know you’re using a third-party for your mobile site!

Full branding from start to finish for MoFuse Professional accounts!

Live Support
We’ve added a button to our Help and Support page for Live Support chat. If you got an urgent question, check our Help and Support page and see if a member of our support team is online and available to help you instantly!

Bug Fixes
Over the past month we’ve also been hard at work fixing some bugs, mostly IE bugs. 2 of the biggest have been fixed:

  • IE7 and IE6 was crashing on the design your mobile site page
  • IE7 and IE6 would not work with the SMS widget

It’s been an exciting 2020 for us so far! We’ve surpassed the 3,000 user mark just two and …

Fade from one color to another–Animating Color Transitions in Flex


We will need to fade our applications background color from one value to the next like 0xC58D31 to 0×87FEE9. Fading the background color of an element means that you gradually change that element’s background color from one color to another. This effect is useful for many things especially when we update a web page without reloading it because it gives you a way to draw attention to the area of the web page that has been updated so the user doesn’t miss it.It is not difficult for DHTML or JavaScript, but how to do it in Flex? The following shows how to make the background of your pages fade from one color to another in flex.




The Service Temporarily Unavailable Error on Godaddy Hosting


Sometimes the site which is hosted by godaddy will get an error like this:
“Service Temporarily Unavailable
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.”


In fact this isn’t a proper description about above error.Most webservers don’t die out, Apache can take quite a beating. What generally is the problem. Usually we can’t fix it because that was produced often relates to the number of concurrent connections on your mejoreshosting.pro account at 1 time.For the Economy, Deluxe, and hostingchile.com plan only 50, 100, and 150 connections can occur at a time respectively. To correct this, you will want to look into your closeout script in the page where the error is occurring. It is important to check that when people are leaving the page, they are also being disconnected from the site.

Another cause of this error maybe your site is using too much CPU,but unfortunately Godaddy doesn’t public the detail about the limit of CPU usage.…

6 Abnormal & Neurotic “Hello World” Programs Written in C


Programmer, smart, genius, abnormal and neurotic… If you know something about programmers, probably you often above words to describe a programmer. If you know a little on programming, you should unmitigatedly  understand all above adjective after you read below 6 “Hello world” programs written in C.

If you can read and understand all of them or even you can write something such as them, congratulation, you are one of the “Abnormal” & “Neurotic” of programmers.



Abnormal “Hello World” Program 1

#define _________ }

#define ________ putchar

#define _______ main

#define _(a) ________(a);

#define ______ _______(){

#define __ ______ _(0x48)_(0x65)_(0x6C)_(0x6C)

#define ___ _(0x6F)_(0x2C)_(0x20)_(0x77)_(0x6F)

#define ____ _(0x72)_(0x6C)_(0x64)_(0x21)

#define _____ __ ___ ____ _________




Abnormal “Hello World” Program 2



int x=0,y[14],*z=&y;*(z++)=0x48;*(z++)=y[x++]+0x1D;








Abnormal “Hello World” Program 3


#define __(a) goto a;

#define ___(a) putchar(a);

#define _(a,b) ___(a) __(b);


{ _:__(t)a:_(‘r’,g)b:_(‘$’,p)

c:_(‘l’,f)d:_(‘ ‘,s)e:_(‘a’,s)









Abnormal “Hello World” Program 4

int n[]={0x48,










Abnormal “Hello World” Program 5

main(){int i,n[]={(((1<<1)<<(1<<1)<<(1<<

1)<<(1<<(1>>1)))+((1<<1)<<(1<<1))), (((1


1<<1)<<(1<<1))+((1<<1)<<(1<<(1>>1)))+ (1

<<(1>>1))),(((1<<1)<<(1<<1)<<(1<<1)<< (1

<<1))-((1<<1)<<(1<<1)<<(1<<(1>>1)))- ((1



)))-((1<<1)<<(1<<(1>>1)))),(((1<<1)<< (1




-((1<<1)<<(1<<(1>>1)))),((1<<1)<< (1<<1)



1)<<(1<<1)<<(1<<1)<<(1<<1))-((1<<1)<< (1

<<1)<<(1<<(1>>1)))-(1<<(1>>1))), (((1<<1

)<<(1<<1)<<(1<<1)<<(1<<1))- ((1<<1)<< (1

<<1)<<(1<<(1>>1)))+(1<<1)), (((1<<1)<< (

1<<1)<<(1<<1)<< (1<<1))-((1<<1)<< (1<<1)

<<(1<<(1>>1)))-((1<<1) <<(1<< (1>>1)))),

(((1<<1)<< (1<<1)<<(1<<1)<< (1<<1))- ((1

<<1)<<(1<<1)<<(1<<1))+((1<<1)<< (1<<(1>>

1)))), (((1<<1)<<(1<<1) <<(1<<1))+(1<<(1

>>1))),(((1<<1)<<(1<<1))+((1<<1)<< (1<<(

1>>1))) + (1<< (1>>1)))}; for(i=(1>>1);i

<(((1<<1) <<(1<<1))+((1 <<1)<< (1<<(1>>1

))) + (1<<1)); i++) printf(“%c”,n[i]); }


Abnormal “Hello World” Program 6

#include <stdio.h>

#define _(_) putchar(_);

int main(void){int i = 0;_(































i)return i;}…

Google May(99.99%) Formal Quit China On April 10 & The Full History of Google in China


Prompted by claims of hacking and a policy of censorship, Google may finally quit China April 10 2010, Google “may announce” on March 22. An unnamed company source told the China Business News on Friday the announcement next week was imminent. However, Google officials declined to confirm or deny reports.

update(2010-03-22): A reporter waiting on front of Google China Building, but Google China keep mute




“I have received information saying that Google will leave China on April 10, but this information has not at present been confirmed by Google,”

the unnamed agent told the newspaper.

“Accusation that the Chinese government participated in cyber attack, either in an explicit or inexplicit way, is groundless and aims to denigrate China,”

the spokesman said.

“The United States often gossips about other countries’ policies on administering the Internet, but at the same time it takes similar measures to minimize the spread of illegal information,”

“That shows that the United States takes a strict line with other countries, but not with itself.”

the news service wrote in the editorial.

Anyway, it is not only Google’s China problem, but also China’s Google problem. We can NOT say Google is right or China is right, but Google as a company with mantras “Don’t Be Evil”, the time of cast this event is doubt. What we need to do is only document the fact.

The following is the time line( history ) of Google China.


2002 before


Google begins offering a Chinese-language version of Google.com. But the website, which cannot be accessed about 10 per cent of the time, is slow and unreliable, apparently because of the extensive filtering performed by China’s licensed internet service providers.


September 2, 2002


China blocked the leading search engine Google. It was the first time the government had blocked access to an Internet search engine. The company claims it has stood by its principles and has not subjected itself to Chinese laws and regulations


November 2003


Great $ Firewall $ of $ China began operations, it is a censorship and surveillance project operated by the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) division of the government of China. Many sites were blocked by it. Google.com is again blocked in China.


Jun 16, 2004


Google acquired a stake in Baidu, then be sold in 2006. Google began to interest the second internet market of world.


Sep 24, 2004


Google filter its search results in Chinese version. Google announced that was caused by some technology reason.


Jan 25, 2006


Google.cn be launched in January 2006 in the belief that the benefits of increased access to information for people in China and a more open Internet outweighed our discomfort in agreeing to censor some results. At that time, google made clear that:

“we will carefully monitor conditions in China, including new laws and other restrictions on our services. If we determine that we are unable to achieve the objectives outlined we will not hesitate to reconsider our approach to China.”


Feb 15, 2006


Google was denounced by parliament, it also name-checks Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Cisco.


Jan 2007


Google’s search market share in China is only 19%, lower than Baidu(63%).


April 2007


Eric Schmidt, chief executive, gives an upbeat assessment of Google’s outlook in China, saying that that the company is on track to lead the country’s internet market in spite of challenges including censorship issues and fierce competition from Baidu.com, its larger home-grown rival.


September 2007


Google.cn finally receives a licence …

13 Best Free Vectors Website List


Hi, if you are looking for vector materials for your design. Why not try following free vectors website list? It includes vectors, textures, patterns, Illustrator and Photoshop brushes as well as tutorials. Most of them can also be used for commercial. Then let’s start now.







On this website you will find free vectors, textures, patterns, Illustrator and Photoshop brushes as well as tutorials and interviews with some of the biggest players in the design industry.


Cool Vectors



More than 150 free vector HQ floral ornaments, available for commercial use.


Free Vectors Download


Here you will find the best free vector gaphics from the vector artists,The vectors copyright belongs original authors, They are free for personal and non commercial use / free for public non-commercial use only mention the authors.


Free Vectors.Net


All the images on this site are free to use for personal use and most of them can be used commercialy.


Free Vectors.Org


FreeVectors.org is a great free source of cool vector graphics for your artwork.






Vecteezy is a community of vector art! We provide a place for vector artists to create and exchange a variety of free vector graphics like Vector Icons, Vector Patterns, Vector Swirls, Flourishes and other cool stuff to enchance your designs and creativity.


Vector Lady




Vector RSS


Vector Stock

Using FlexBuilder 3 and Flash CS3 to Build Your Skin in Flex–KingnareStyle skin produce introduction


In previou articles 5+ Strongly Recommend Tutorials You Must Read for Creating Skins and Themes( UI Design ) in Flex and 480+ free and fresh icon sets help you to create your beautiful skins and themes in Flex, We have done lots of preparation.Now, it’s time to do! Following this introduction step by step then you can build your beautiful skin. Let’s go!

It could control the style by using CSS in Flex3.0 component. Of course the CSS mentioned here is different with the CSS which used in writing the website. It is the style sheet which is tailored for Flex specially. By using ActionScript could realize the powerful display effect. It will be introduced in following example.

The black style of Express Photoshop released by Adobe is very attractive. KingnareStyle is one of Flex Skin from Express Photoshop prototype. The Skin contains many components but limited by the article length, we could only choose the typical components for example. Following we will begin our Skin production by Button Component(Full Component effect Screenshot ).