2 Years Old Adobe Air-based Twitter Client Tweetdeck Has been Downloaded 15 Million Times!!!


One of 15 Amazing Apple’s iPad Apps You Should Know, Adobe Air-based Twitter client Tweetdeck, celebrated its 2nd anniversary on July 4th with the amazing download times, including the fact that its desktop application, more than 15 million!!! This impressive download milestone are as many as 5 times bigger than its nearest competitor possible!



An interesting thing is, the TweetDeck iPhone app has had over 2.5 million downloads so far. Tweetdeck is the most popular desktop client for twitter now.


UK-based TweetDeck founder Iain Dodsworth put up a post commemorating the two year anniversary of TweetDeck and giving an update on the company’s progress.Tweetdeck now employs 15 people and recently raised more than $3 million in a series B round, led by betaworks. And The Android version of TweetDeck is said to have multi-streams.

We believe the future holds even more fast-moving streams of socially relevant information. Our mission is to help our users manage and harness these information flows. To that end, we are moving towards being truly multi-stream, re-building our clients from the ground-up with multi-stream functionality ingrained rather than simply bolting on new disconnected networks.

Our Android TweetDeck is a great example of our belief that “true multi-stream”, the intersection of social networks, can be infinitely greater than the sum of its parts – or to put it another way TweetDeck should be more about what your friends are saying rather than the networks they are using to say it.

According below numbers, Some four million tweets and status updates are sent out via the service every day. The service also covers 30,000 plus images are uploaded to various networks each day, through its apps (desktop, iPhone and iPad), along with over 4 million tweets, status updates and buzz’s made each day.

Some numbers:

  • desktop TweetDeck has been downloaded over 15 million times
  • iPhone TweetDeck has been downloaded over 2.5 million times
  • our servers are syncing over 7 million twitter search columns, adding 25,000 per day
  • 30,000 images are uploaded each day from TweetDecks
  • approximately 4 million tweets, status updates and buzz’s are sent out every day via TweetDeck
  • far and away the most popular desktop client for twitter, and if measuring in outbound tweets we are 5 times bigger than our closest competitor
  • general usage of TweetDeck indicates our userbase is super-engaged, extremely active and, in many cases, highly influential

About TweetDeck


TweetDeck is the best way to stay in touch with what’s happening now on Twitter for your iPad. TweetDeck’s iPad optimized interface shows you everything you want to see at once, so you can stay organized and up to date wherever you are.

TweetDeck is a version of the free desktop client that’s popular among Twitter power users. Multi column view is supported. You can customize to show messages from all your friends, @mentions, direct messages, saved searches and your Twitter lists. TweetDeck also shortens URLs.