Lunarpages coupon code

Magnolia-48x48 At the article Provide some Godaddy promo code and Coupon I had introduced some promo code and coupon about godaddy. This article I will provide some Lunarpages coupon.

Lunarpages is a Web Hosting company, which also sells domain name registration and other e-business and e-commerce website features. It was created in the late 1990s by Ron Riddle and Maximiliam Andersen. The name “Lunarpages” was inspired by Riddle’s interest in the popular sci-fi television show Star Trek. In fact, some of their first hosting packages included the “Shuttle” and “Voyager” plans, also Trek-inspired. Their trademarked logo is a small planet with two gold/yellow rings circling it. Lunarpages’ services literally began with a handful of servers housed in Riddle’s bedroom, where Riddle and Andersen offered free web hosting subscriptions to customers worldwide. Currently, Lunarpages serves more than 140,000 worldwide customers and staffs 130 full-time employees. Andersen has since sold his shares of the company to Riddle, who is the sole owner and CEO of Lunarpages Web Hosting.

Collection of the best Lunarpages coupon codes can save up 30$.Usually these are available for annual hosting plans Here are the best lunarpages coupon codes:

Lunarpages coupon code:28off

$28 off 12/24 month Basic, Business and Windows plans

Lunarpages coupon code:percent26

26% off 12/24 month Basic, Business and Windows hosting plans 

Lunarpages coupon code:add6

Get extra 6 months of free web hosting

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3 Responses to “Lunarpages coupon code”

  1. Frankie says:

    Its great when you have finally found a great web host, you have to take your time and choose carefully.

  2. John says:

    My lunarpages websites are down—AGAIN!!! I will be leaving Lunarpages soon. There have been too many issues with them over the year and a half that I’ve been there. It’s just not worth it anymore. Sites going down intermittently yet consistently is ridiculous. They are extremely slow to respond.

  3. i couldn’t get the coupon code to work. until next time…

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