IZEARanks.com–Real Ranks for Real Blogs

trackball-K2-48x48 As we all know,that Google PageRank is determined based on the combination of anGmail - The TACK- IZEARanks.com is Live_1200585768723 unpublished ranking algorithm. PageRank is not based on real traffic.Google PageRank can tell you that the quality of a website but can not tell us how many uniques visitors.

Technorati is easily gamed, because they count links from the sidebar and footer, which can easily be encouraged by creating widgets and WordPress Themes.

Alexa Rank uses Alexa toolbar users’ browsing activity to extrapolate a guess as to a site’s actual traffic.

Bloggers love stats and rankings, even if they are based upon meaningless data.At the same time,bloggers wanna know the real ranks for their blogs.

Maybe IZEARanks.com can solve it.IZEARanks’s  RealRank scoring algorithm is public and open. RealRank is determined by utilizing the following formula:

70% weighted towards visitors per day
20% weighted towards amount of ACTIVE inbound links per day
10% weighted towards pageviews per day

Getting ranked is easy. Simply sign up for an account on IZEARanks.com, install the IZEAToolkit and claim your blog.

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3 Responses to “IZEARanks.com–Real Ranks for Real Blogs”

  1. [...] the article IZEARanks.com–Real Ranks for Real Blogs I had introduced how to use IZEARanks get real traffic.People would brag about their visitor [...]

  2. [...] 打开自己的全文检索的时候,突然间发现浏览器的Alexa小条条“长”了一截,居然到14万了。开始还以为是浏览器的问题,没有被更新。打开Ntt.cc的时候,发现居然是20万,Ntt.cc从Google的沙盒中出来才没几天(详情请看Ntt.CC进了Google的沙盒(Sandbox)和Ntt.CC从Google沙盒(Sandbox)出来了),3,5千日IP的访问量,达到这样的排名,让我不得不说这次算法的调整,压根就没有给Alexa排名的准确性,权威性带来任何的提高。随着IZEARanks等各种访问统计站点的推进,也许若干年后的Alexa在访问量统计领域的霸主地位,就有如今日的Yahoo在互联网中的地位一样—日薄西山了。 [...]

  3. [...] 2008年1月份,注册了Ntt.cc这个域名,注册的时候并没有考虑过用它来做什么,只是觉得比较简单,就直接注册了。这一点可以从08年1月份我甚至写了类似于Provide some Godaddy promo code and Coupon,IZEARanks.com–Real Ranks for Real Blogs之类的比较“无聊”的文章就可以看出。而当时正在打算用Flex写一个Minidx的UI(后来动手写了之后,感觉Flex具有很好的表现力,但是并不符合我的要求),所以收集了一些Flex相关的开源列表(open source Flex project list),Matt(Adobe的一个产品经理)将这一列表作为Flex SDK开源项目的一部分加入了Adobe的相关资源中,这多少让我觉得有点欣慰。同时由于Minidx项目的原因,所以打算在Ntt.cc上写一些与此相关的文章。 [...]

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