Setting up Django on GoDaddy Deluxe Shared Hosting

Hardware-My-Computer-2-48x48 GoDaddy Deluxe Shared Hosting supports Python CGI, but has no shell access.

I’ll find out if the FastCGI they advertise as being available for Ruby on Rails could also be made accessible to Python by following the Shared Hosting instructions at the bottom of

Here’s the question:

“Is FastCGI accessible from python scripts if I add my own handler? I ask this in specific relation to setting up Django. Is this known not to work?”

Here’s response from Godaddy:

“FastCGI is accessible from Python scripts for our Linux hosting
accounts. We do not allow, however, the addition of a custom FastCGI
handler in our shared hosting accounts.”

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8 Responses to “Setting up Django on GoDaddy Deluxe Shared Hosting”

  1. Bruce says:

    If I were you I wouldn’t bother with GoDaddy, DreamHost, Site5 etc for Django hosting… Just go with WebFaction and save yourself hours of pain.

  2. minidxer says:

    WebFaction’s Private IP address need $5/month,it’s too expensive!

  3. jumpfroggy says:

    I’m in the same boat; already have godaddy, now wondering if I can start using the “python support” they have. Find anything out?

  4. kelvin says:

    i’m on the same boat as well.
    wonder if you got anywhere with godaddy or just run somewhere else for django hosting.

  5. Haraye says:

    Hi, I love your work.

  6. Rigel says:

    Avoid Godaddy for you django needs.

    They just recently started to offer ssh access so I attempted to get django running by installing flup and django locally in my home directory (using –prefix flag on the It worked great and hooked up with FastCGI and displayed the “It Worked/Welcome to Django” page but trying to build something you obviously need a database and when i selected mysql and sqlite it would crash because both modules aren’t installed on godaddy’s linux shared hosting machines. All attempts to have their techs type “yum install python-sqlite2″ have been met with “please upgrade to a VPS” from their representatives. How can they put on their site that they support python when it’s missing all modules/api’s to access databases?! USELESS!!

  7. Faltzer says:

    Rigel, even though your point is true, you could have easily downloaded the packages you needed by creating an isolated environment with virtualenv and attempted it yourself.

  8. Schedule says:

    You you could change the blog name title
    Setting up Django on GoDaddy Deluxe Shared Hosting – to something more better for your subject you write. I loved the blog post still.

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