use the wordpress plugin Stat Traq to measure our blog traffic and statistics

statistics-48x48 At the article–Real Ranks for Real Blogs I had introduced how to use IZEARanks get real traffic.People would brag about their visitor counts, even though many knew that this was a statistic easily faked and not really an accurate report of their web traffic.We now have traffic that comes from feeds,which also changes how our audience numbers are counted.Web2.0/AJAX is totally changing the way we view our blog statistics since content can change and vary on a page without the page ever reloading. It’s time for a major rethink in how we measure our blog traffic and statistics.

As the owner of our blog we wanna know the real traffic.The wordpress plugin Stat Traq provides detailed statistics in a nice graphical format. The plugin tracks public activity of WordPress and reports:

* Hits
* Number of Unique PHP sessions
* Page Views
* IP Addresses (includes link to ARIN Who Is?)
* Browser
* Referrer
* Search Terms from major search engines
* Bar graphs generated for some of the reports

You can download the new plugin by clicking here.Now the newest version is 1.1.1

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  1. dil okullari says:

    it looks like a nice site, but it would better with multi language support, for example spanish.. but thanks..

  2. lsi says:

    it would be better with other languages support, but thanks..

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