Microhoo was born–Microsoft Makes $44.6 Billion Bid for Yahoo

Microsoft Corporation has announced that friday they have proposed $44.6 billion to take over the internet giant Yahoo.The surprise offer of $31 a share represents a 62 percent premium to Thursday’s closing share price. Yahoo shareholders could elect to receive either cash or stock.It would create the most formidable competitor yet for Google, the search engine giant.microhoo

I’m damn sure Yahoo seriously mulling it over.But it is not the first time such an offer was made. In May 2007 when the rumors first surfaced, even the valuation  was pretty close: 50 billion. 8 months later, and Google has been doing quite well.Is it a good idea, and does Microhoo stand a chance against the big G?

It sounds like Mr. Rockefeller and the railroads, to create a monopoly that would try to possibly end cryahoo-logo-75x75eative windows-logo75x75competition.

Does Yahoo need to sell?

Next,will Google will buy Microsoft?

Can Microsoft make a better search engine?

And ….. will you cancel your email service with Yahoo?

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