Flex vs. Ajax — both have their pros and cons

I am a C/C++ programmer,but NOT limited to these,I develeped web application with Java/Php/Perl…of course and Flex.I am not a LANGUAGE zealot, I never think of which one is better,my concern is which one can help me to solve my problem.  Programmers often argue about one technology being superior to the other even they know both have their pros and cons.The below is a list of articles that talk about it.(part of below had been listed at here)

Comparing Adobe Flex and Ajax development models

Adobe’s Flex platform now better positioned against AJAX

Top Ten Reasons AJAX is Here to Stay

Ajax Or Flex? How to select Rich Internet Application technologies

Flex 2 and Ajax working together

AJAX: Weighing the alternatives

10 Reasons We Love Flex 2

Flex vs Ajax (Hint: Ajax is Better!)

Comparison between Ajax and Flex(My God!From wikipedia)

Flex vs. AJAX(by Flex appeal)

Flex vs AJAX(by Biography)

Flex vs. AJAX(by whoischarles)

Flex vs Ajax(JD on EP)

Flex Vs AJAX – How Forrester got it wrong

Flex + AJAX > Flex vs. AJAX

Flex vs. Ajax? Like Comparing Apples to Oranges.

Forget Flex Vs AJAX,Flex AND Ajax is my option.If you have anything option about this don’t hesitate to comment below,:)

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13 Responses to “Flex vs. Ajax — both have their pros and cons”

  1. Kevin Hoyt says:

    I couldn’t agree more!

    Flash/Flex *and* Ajax is the real winner. Even those applications that many people identify as cutting edge Flex, use JavaScript/Ajax in places (i.e. Buzzword). I’d really like people to look at Adobe on that big picture as well. There are a lot of Adobe technologies that work directly with the HTML, CSS and JavaScript workflow. Flex Builder 3 as an example. Spry and/or Dreamweaver. ColdFusion 8 has amazing Ajax features. Adobe AIR with it’s complete workflow for the Ajax developer. The list goes on and on, and more is coming.

    Let’s not bicker about which is better, and get down to using everything that’s available to us to create a better user experience.

    Two cents,

  2. efish says:

    If only there had been a actionscript compiler can compile ajax code into swf or run embed ajax code.

  3. jwopitz says:

    I echo your sentiment. I really can’t stand fanboys. They are tools in our developer’s toolbox. Being pragmatic and knowing which tool to use at the right time is what makes the difference. It also kinda helps define the size of your paycheck too ;)

  4. [...] 我在Flex vs. Ajax — both have their pros and cons一文中罗列了就这一争论具有代表性的一些观点,而标题本身则代表了我本人的观点。 [...]

  5. [...] FlexBook是Ely Greenfield发布的一款具有翻书效果的Flex组件,07年就已经发布的东西,对于Flex老鸟们来说应该不会陌生。和一般印象中的翻书效果完全不同,该组件给我的感觉足以用震撼来形容。虽然接触Flex也有一段时间了,不过一直以来相对于AJAX,Flex并没有什么特别可以“吸引”我的东西,在我看来Flex只不过是真正做设计的话什么都做不出来,真正写代码的话什么也不会,但是却又偏偏要想两边都插一脚的“程序员”们用的东西……(没什么特别意思,这么说只不过是为了BS自己一下,至于本人的真正观点,在Flex vs. Ajax — both have their pros and cons已经有了很好的阐述)。不过FlexBook让我开始体会到了Flex作为RIA应用方面的可怕表现力。 [...]

  6. [...] a previous article,Flex vs. Ajax — both have their pros and cons,I listed some arguements about which one is better,but,Fjax–a new “technology”,to [...]

  7. [...] the previous article Flex vs. Ajax — both have their pros and cons, we know that both Flex and Ajax have each advantage or disadvantage. They all have each using [...]

  8. [...] 就开发语言本身来说,很难说出个好与不好来。不过总是会有很多人会来讨论这个话题,这个在Flex vs. Ajax — both have their pros and cons中就有提到。Adobe的Lee Brimelow同学,写了一篇Six reasons to use ActionScript 3.0,通过6点努力的想说明ActionScript的优越性,不过除了第一点勉强还可以说得过去外,其他的几点一般恐怕都很难得到认同。不知道其他人是怎么考虑的。 [...]

  9. [...] or not. But still many people interested to discussing this topic. For example it is mentioned in Flex vs. Ajax — both have their pros and cons. The Mr. Lee Brimelow has written the article Six reasons to use ActionScript 3.0 and tried to [...]

  10. [...] 在Flex vs. Ajax — both have their pros and cons中罗列了很多关于Flex和Ajax的比较的观点,而我们知道,Adobe的Flash/Flex和微软的Silverlight也是同样属于RIA领域的产品,所以他们之间的比较也是在所难免的。codeclimber.net.nz引用了其他的数据总结了Flex/Flash和Silverlight执行速度的比较结果,他认为Flex/Flash在图形处理计算上速度比较快,而Silverlight在纯粹的计算上游是比较明显。 [...]

  11. olvia says:

    Good article . A comparison table between Flex and Ajax I found here:

  12. [...] long ago… hmm, I talked some about Flex vs. Ajax — both have their pros and cons, the history told us, when a new tech came, it would bring many chatters. I asked google, many [...]

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