a small Open-source flash MP3 player

During testing of the open-source components of Yahoo,video-flash.de made a small flash MP3 player and shared the source code.He/Her wrote it in German,I translated it into English.

It has two parameters,the first one is the path and name of MP3-Files (relative to the HTML file, or as an absolute URL).the other one is the flag whether the song is to be started immediately, or need to click the Play button.

audio=myaudio. mp3 Audio = myaudio. MP3
autoplay=false Auto = False

The default value for autoplay is true.

When you embed SWF file the player automatically adjusts the width.a correct presentation of 200 pixels,the amount of the MP3 player is always 50 pixels.The Flash Player 9 is required.

The below is a sample for using the Flash plug Kimili Embed.

[kml_flashembed movie="/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/flashaudioplayer/flashaudioplayer.swf?audio=/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/flashaudioplayer/rock-guitar.mp3&autoplay=false" width="300" height="50" scale="noscale" salign="tl" /]

Download it from: Flash Audio (MP3) Player (ZIP archive, player, example and source files) .

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38 Responses to “a small Open-source flash MP3 player”

  1. [...] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptDuring testing of the open-source components of Yahoo,video-flash.de made a small flash MP3 player and shared the source code.He/Her wrote it in German,I translated into in English. It has two parameters,the first one is the path and … [...]

  2. [...] Chris wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptDuring testing of the open-source components of Yahoo,video-flash.de made a small flash MP3 player and shared the source code.He/Her wrote it in German,I translated into in English. It has two parameters,the first one is the path and … [...]

  3. smladen says:

    Did you try to play for a longer period, like 5 hours?
    All flash players that I found will eat all your memory since they will save your mp3 in memory before play. If this player solves this this is great thing.
    Same thing is with photo albums, if you rotate photos they will eat memory. Firs I was wondering if this is bug but then, I found that since flash is made for online use it will store all downloaded content in memory in case that there is need to download it again…
    Just my loud thinking :) .

  4. A very important question, Mladen… Actually, there’s no much info about this issue and how fix this.
    Do you have more information about it?
    Thanks in advance

  5. Jaegs says:

    Any reason why you can only play the audio once? I click play, the audio plays, but when it is finished and I click play again it does nothing? Is this the expected behavior?

    Otherwise, I think it is a great little flash audio player and will use it in my course if I can get around the above issue.

  6. Flo says:

    this isn’t the expected behaviour. It seems to be a problem with the demo mp3 file. I checked it out with other several other mp3 files and the player always jumped correctly to the beginning.

    Best regards, Flo

  7. Mladen says:

    Well, as I can understand, flash was initially developed for web development and they wanted to put all downloaded materials into cache so you don’t need to download it twice. Problem is that if you have long lasting photo gallery (as I have) or music player, downloaded material will consume all memory in your PC. Interesting thing is that it will download you image n-times and cache it :) .

  8. Jaegs says:


    Thanks for pointing that out! I went ahead and setup the player in my class and didn’t even notice it had reset itself properly after each tune. This will be a very useful tool in my course!

  9. [...] a small Open-source flash MP3 player – Ntt.cc (tags: flash mp3 player opensource free source) [...]

  10. Josh says:

    Excellent little tool! Thank you all so much ;)
    Is there an auto loop function??? That would be great, please advise, cheers.

  11. Kevin says:

    The component is precompiled and the src is NOT included. Open source does not mean open for public use, it means open for public use and all source files are provided. Where is the src files for the audio component?

  12. Colin says:

    does anyone know if you can delay the auto playing of the file??? I have the player on my site but if someone has a relatively slow connection speed the files tend to pause a lot waiting for it to load and i was hoping to load some of the file before auto playing???

  13. cirs says:

    What flash version do you use? I get Unexpected file format when open the fla file


  14. Colin says:

    I use Flash CS3, not sure if it workd in anything else, not sure it would it uses Action Script 3 which i think is only available in CS3

  15. [...] Player由于很容易嵌入到其他系统中,在开发者中还是挺受欢迎的。比如a small Open-source flash MP3 player这一款播放器,就受到比较多开发者的关注。另外在lemlinh.com看到一款AS 3.0 [...]

  16. [...] Mp3 Player is embedded into other systems easily and very populared in developers. For example a small Open-source flash MP3 player. And I found another one in lemlin.com: AS 3.0 XML MP3 Player. It looks so nice and has published [...]

  17. Jaegs says:

    I do not suppose someone would be so kind as to post a way to toggle ID3 visibility for this player? I’ve tried to poke around the code to find out where this happens in the AS, but have been able to ascertain where exactly this is located.

    Basically, I’m wanting to use this for my online exams and just want a simple variable to the effect of showid3=true|false with true being the default. This way, I can disable it for the exams.


  18. [...] http://ntt.cc/2008/02/19/a-small-open-source-flash-mp3-player.html flashvars.audio = “mp3/arquivo.mp3&autoplay=false”; Importante que caso queira configurar para o som não inciar quando você carregar a página Escrito por battilani Arquivado Flash [...]

  19. Chris says:

    I really like the player. The first time I play the audio it correctly resets the play button at the beginning of the clip. However if I play it again the player gets stuck towards the end of the audio clip. I need this to work with mp3 files of 44100 Hz and 96 kbps. If it would work correctly I would definitely replace the one I am using on my site now with this one.

  20. alen says:

    i need to place 3 or more mp3 files …
    how to handle the thinsg

    please any one write to me

  21. Galawa says:

    Great player.

    Is it possible to use a “loop” function ?

    Thanks again for this great job.

  22. Janus fidibus says:

    It is great!!
    How can I loop my tracks?
    This would be very important


  23. chris says:

    hello,guys do any one know why my music list text did came out ?
    and can i add more that one song inside the player ?and how to to reply the music ?thx alot ,this player is so cool

  24. lp says:

    Hey nice component but is it possible to change the volume using as? I’m trying to add a param for setting the initial volume

  25. Haris says:

    Hi, is it possible that you give us the source of component so we can change positions and dimensions of controls (so we can implement custom deisgn it the way we want). It is nice future that you have pull out all controls so we can edit them, but it would be much better if we can change Width, Height and X,Y of elements through some properties.


  26. Haris says:

    I have this source, and i have changed graphics, but i also want to change position of elements and their width and height, how can i do that ? And i can tell you that you will have great new design for your player if you show me how can i do this :)

    As i understand all action script is located in Audioplayback component, and i can’t change anything there.

    If you can, help.

  27. rommert says:


    This component seems to be the thing we’re after. It’s simple, it’s small and it’s open source. Great stuff! But like Haris asked earlier: is it possible to be in control of the location/size/visibility of elements like title/volume etc?


  28. Hi,

    I’m looking for a player like this one but, I do not have Flash so I can not modify it. I only need to know If I will be able to set the mp3 file URL and the skin without opening Adobe Flash. I need this player ASAP. I will appreciate if someone can reply right away.


  29. mary w says:

    Thank you — great little player.

    Quick question. The player in the sample reads “Famous Artists – rock guitar sample” in scrolling text. When I replace the audio file with my own the text disappears. Is this set somewhere?

  30. colin says:

    try in the mp3 id tags

  31. FlashFan says:

    Here is nice customizable player:

  32. koipeera says:

    The article is excellent.Thank. I just have to copy it :)

  33. I’ve examine out your other site posts too and I think you’ve got wonderful ideas. Preserve it up!

  34. Mike says:

    Hi, goto http://www.123mp3download.com and search the music, click on listen and embed the code. Its easy.

  35. Gear Knobs : says:

    i just wish that mp3 players could also have some 10 band equalizers and bass boost functions.`~

  36. those generic mp3 players that are made in china are really cheap but i still prefer to use my ipod ~`*

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