Some Useful Flex Builder Shortcut Keys Which You Should Konw

If you can skillfully use Flex Builder shortcut keys it could advanced improve your working efficiency.The belows are some shortcut keys which you should know.

Ctrl-F11: Run
F11: Debug
Ctrl-Alt-Down: Repeat current line
Alt-Up: Move line (or selection) up
Alt-Down: Move line (or selection) down
Ctrl-Click: Go to definition (also F3)
Ctrl-D: Delete line
Alt-/: Word completion (cycles through possible matches)
Ctrl-Up: Scroll up
Ctrl-Down: Scroll Down

Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts that are useful when editing code.

Here is a complete list of available keyboard shortcuts.

Here is a MAC version shortcut keys(by joshbuhler)

Here is a Eclipse/FDT version shortcut keys(by betriebsraum)

David Zuckerman compiled a short list of shortcut keys in Flex Builder 2 that you should check out if you work with Flex Builder.

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5 Responses to “Some Useful Flex Builder Shortcut Keys Which You Should Konw”

  1. Chris says:

    Ctrl-/ = Comment line

    found this out just hammering away. If you select a block of text, you’ll insert “//” on every line. Highlight the same block again and hit ctrl-/ and it’ll remove the comment.


  2. Chris says: only works in ActionScript not MXML.

  3. [...] Some Useful Flex Builder Shortcut Keys Which You Should Konw [...]

  4. Nish says:

    Ctrl+Shift+L = you get all the short cuts :)

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