List of The Most Great Web operating systems(19+)

WebOS gained popularity in 1999 when a much touted start up.”WebOS are services going to be utilized by thousands of companies – and will power the next generation of web applications?”,Alex Iskold said.

The following is a list of the most great webOS style system.Enjoy!

- eyeOSeyeos

eyeOS was thought as a new definition of Operating System, where everything inside it can be accessed from everywhere in a Network, using a web browser. eyeOS does provide a solid and stable platform to develop new applications to fit every company and school needs.


- Fenestela

Fenestela is an operating system for WEB space with a simple and convivial graphic interface. Code your Web pages, your programs, and save your files on line. Share with your friends your photographs, family movies, office documents and more…..

- Psych DesktopPsych Desktop

Psych Desktop is an open source web desktop licensed under the GPL version 2. You can use it to store your files and access them on the go without carrying a USB drive. You can also run programs from the desktop to view and edit the files. Think of it as any other desktop, but on the web.
- ZKDesktop ZKDesktop

The Zero Kelvin Desktop provides a web-based “desktop” interface built on top the ZK AJAX toolkit.

It consists of an application loader, a packaging specification, data-source independent database editor, persistence layer, access control, and several APIs for allowing the creation of additional ZK Desktop applications.

Multiple applications can be hosted on a single desktop at the same time, as well as multiple instances of a single application (or any combination).

- BeDesk

BeDesk is a social desktop to share all your favorite internet tools and websites with other people.
- cmyOScmyOS offers a free online operating system/desktop for all users through itsopen source collaborative network: cmynetworks. Through the open source community, cmyos works to produce rich applications that are enhance the online experience of developers and browsers alike.
- DesktoptwoDesktoptwo

Desktoptwo is a free online desktop or Webtop developed by Sapotek (it’s also been called a WebOS although Sapotek makes clear on its website that the term is premature and a bit presumptuous) that mimics the look, feel and functionality of the desktop environment of an operating system.
- G.ho.stGho Inc was created in 2006 to develop the Global Hosted Operating SysTem, the world’s only true Web Operating System. aggregates all of the new Web-based software applications into a free Virtual Computer, by providing a Web desktop, a single online file system, single sign-in, sharing and collaboration.

For anyone who wants their personal computing environment to be mobile the Virtual Computer (VC) provides the first real alternative to Windows – a complete personal computing environment hosted on the Web and accessible from any browser.
- jooce jooce

Jooce is a very own, private online desktop-with public file sharing capabilities. A highly-secure, online space to keep, view listen to – and instantly share with friends – all your files, hpotos, music and video.

- myGoyamyGoya

MAGIX AG (subsequently “MAGIX”) provides the Services of the “Website Maker”, “Blog Service”, “Online Album”, “Community”, “Moonk” and “myGoya” (hereinafter called “Service”) based on these General Terms and Conditions.

Even at this early stange, OOS already provides an amazing number of useful applications and services: Organize your files, documents and personal data from anywhere around the world.


SSOE is an entire operating system, crafted entirely of Flash 8 (to be ported to Flash 9 AS3 on completion.)
It is based on the concepts of locationless data; ie data which is not tied to a particular geographical location. Instead of just taking your documents with you when you go to work, you can now take your whole operating system.
- StartForceStartForce

Startforce is a web based operating system.
- WebdeskWebdesk

Webdesk is a free webbased Online Desktop, which gives you similiar opportunities as an operating system. All your files are stored online and can be accessed from any place around the world wide web. More and more Applications will be added and you don’t have to take care of software installation, updates and time consuming file backups. It is all covered by Webdesk.

- Widgets GadgetsWidgets

Widgetplus is like in that it’s a file storage service at it’s core, but then there’s the support for databases and a public API for widgets ontop of that. Widgets that can be deployed on any webpage anywhere.

- YouOSYouOS

YouOS is a web operating system that lets you run diverse applications within a web browser. Small applications like sticky notes or clocks. Large applications like word processing, mp3 players, and instant messaging. Even better, it’s very easy to tweak an existing application or write your own.
- ZimDeskZimDesk

Essentially, Zimdesk is a web operating system or webOS, providing internet users with FREE access to a virtual desktop, online drive, file manager and a comprehensive range of ‘on demand’ web based applications for work and entertainment.
- Nivio Nivio

Nivio is a fully functional Windows desktop environment accessible via a web browser through any internet connected device running on any platform (including Linux, MAC and Windows).

Nivio enables a user to seamlessly access the desktop data & applications when and where they need it; be it at the office, from home or even on the go.

Nivio stands for ‘hardware liberation’. Your files follow you. You don’t need to take around your external media or even burn CD’s. Just log onto Nivio and access your files on any computer at your destination. With Nivio, your data follows you.

- AstraNOS


- Xcerion

XIOS/3 is the answer to many shortcomings of today’sxcerion traditional operating systems, be it Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. If you are like millions of other users out there, you probably asked yourself once or twice why you need to have a computer science degree in order install or upgrade software. You probably had days when you wished that awful things would happen to the virus programmer whose program just messed up your computer. If you’re a person with a busy social agenda, you probably asked yourself why you and your friends can’t view each others calendars in Outlook. Have you ever missed a deadline because you forgot to copy an important document to your USB memory stick or mail it to yourself? These are just but a few scenarios where an Internet OS would have made your day.

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9 Responses to “List of The Most Great Web operating systems(19+)”

  1. Karl says:

    you are missing the most obvious “Cloud OS” of all out there. Look into

  2. minidxer says:

    @karl, thanks your replay. I’ve tried it and fell so good,have added it.

  3. s09 says:

    Which ones are the fastest to load and read/write files to?

    Which ones operate well even on laptops or underpowered university computers?

    This is cool… thanks for the list.

  4. kalivd says:

    I must say that i had not heard of several of these listed web operating systems however some of them are quiet popular among the web world i see that several others are not included at all sites like eDeskOnline, Thinkfree should find their place over here.

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  6. frenchkisser says:

    @minidxer good overview you posted! i just tried an alpha of and it has potential. dunno when the public release is, but hope you keep the list updated when they do.

  7. milan says:

    It would be good if it could be installed an application like on Windows (eg. games(chess..), email..) , and later accessed via mobile

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