Fjax–a pretty nifty combination of flash and ajax

In a previous article,Flex vs. Ajax — both have their pros and cons,I listed some arguements about which one is better,but,Fjax–a new “technology”,to my utter amazement,it uses an XML file to pass data to a browser — except that it uses a tiny bit of Flash, instead of the browser, to parse the XML.Though I don’t know what the relationship is with Aflax(Developed by Paul Colton,a development methodology which combines Ajax and Flash to create more dynamic web based applications) and it requires something else to be installed(Though Flash’s penetration level is good),but I think it’s a well though and clean implementation.

Here’s the description from the site:

Fjax is the lightweight, cross-browser, rapid-development methodology for Ajax-style web 2.0 development that puts a Flash engine under the hood (not in the presentation layer – read on) to handle realtime XML/HTML content updating.

Fjax enables web 2.0 development, with true, asynchronous (x)HTML content updating without page refreshes. The trick is, it does it with less than 65 lines of code and works in most browsers. It can process multiple streams of data simultaneously, and has an incredibly small footprint (4K!).

It looks very promising.The main reason why FJAX was built was to provide a better alternative in parsing XML.The second was to prevent cross browser problems.FJAX uses Flash so that it could transfer XML file from the server.Compared to JavaScript, Flash is lighter and could practically run in all types of browsers.

FJAX’s site was built with Fjax,you can experience the effect from there.

The following are some relation articles about FJAX from other blogs:

"Personally, we think that Fjax IS still Ajax, even if it isn’t AJAX." ( Fjax: Switching the A to F means what?).

"If you’re already familiar with Flash and would like to expand your options, you can consider working on FJAX and develop a good working application or website." ( FJAX: The Flash Based Ajax).

"smoother, more desktop-like web experiences that AJAX promises" ( FJAX, Q&A with Jay and Steve McDonald).

"It’s an interesting take on Rich Internet Applications development" (an interview at Webmonkey Q&A: Fjax ).

"I shouldn’t say it’s hack. It’s such a well though and clean implementation!" ( Fjax – a Exciting Flash based Ajax But much better).

lots of discussions at FJAX (Flash + AJAX)

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  1. [...] GWT(Google Web Toolkit)对很多人来说应该都不会陌生,同样ExtJs的强大很多Web开发者估计都亲身体验过,那如果把这两者结合,将会是怎么样的效果呢?经由Dreamer的文章,让我了解到了居然真的有人将这两者做了整合,于是gwt-ext这一款超级强大的widget library横空出世了。其效果不得不用“震撼”来形容,这个和当初体验了Fjax之后的感觉是一样的。 [...]

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