How about the 10 oldest domains on the internet today?

url-history-128x128Do you know which is the oldest domains on the internet? Over 20 years, now where are they? If they still active? Or with the over 20 years development, they have become the famous website and be well known with us.

Now let’s see the following list how are the 10 oldest domains today. 


ico_arrowCreated: 1985-03-15

ico_arrow Expires:  2016-03-16

ico_arrowSymbolics is currently a privately held company which acquired the assets and  intellectual property of the old public company called Symbolics, Inc.

ico_arrowPR = 5

ico_arrowAlexa 476,047



ico_arrowCreated: 1985-04-24

ico_arrowExpires:  2011-04-25 accomplish the most difficult technological feats across a range of diciplines.

ico_arrowPR = 7

ico_arrowAlexa 275,142



ico_arrowCreated: 1985-05-24

ico_arrowExpires:  2008-05-23 is a website about education foundation, it is a global community for learning.It connects schools, teachers, and students from around the world to collaborate on projects, share experiences, and build knowledge together.

ico_arrowPR = 7

ico_arrowAlexa 30,383



ico_arrowCreated: 1985-07-11

ico_arrowExpires:  2008-07-10

ico_arrowThe domain is active but can’t be open now.


ico_arrowCreated: 1985-09-30

ico_arrowExpires:  2009-09-29 is a official Hewlett-Packard site – Buy or learn about HP printers, laptops, computers, digital cameras, servers, storage, networking, software, enterprise solutions and more.

ico_arrowPR = 9

ico_arrowAlexa 242



ico_arrowCreated: 1985-11-07

ico_arrowExpires:  2011-11-06

ico_arrowIt is a website introduce Northrop Grumman Corporation.Grumman Corporation is a $32 billion global defense and technology company whose 120,000 employees provide innovative systems, products, and solutions in information and services, electronics, aerospace and shipbuilding to government and commercial customers worldwide.

ico_arrowPR = 6

ico_arrowAlexa 63,468



ico_arrowCreated: 1986-01-09

ico_arrowExpires:  2010-01-08

ico_arrowXEROX.COM the website about Xerox Corporation (NYSE:XRX). Xerox is the world’s leading document management technology and services enterprise. There are color printers, copiers, business consulting services, copier and printer supplies on

ico_arrowPR = 7

ico_arrowAlexa 13,666



ico_arrowCreated: 1986-01-17

ico_arrowExpires:  2015-01-18

ico_arrowSRI International is an independent, nonprofit research institute that conducts contract research and development for government agencies, businesses and foundations.

ico_arrowPR = 7

ico_arrowAlexa 163,372



ico_arrowCreated: 1986-03-03

ico_arrowExpires:  2009-03-04 is a official Hewlett-Packard site about buy or learn about HP printers, laptops, computers, digital cameras, servers, storage, networking, software, enterprise solutions and more.

ico_arrowPR = 9

ico_arrowAlexa 242



ico_arrowCreated: 1986-03-05

ico_arrowExpires:  2009-03-06 has redirect to automaticly. Telcordia supports communications companies around the world with a comprehensive portfolio of telecommunications network software, services and research that spans planning and engineering, fulfillment, service delivery, charging, and service management.

ico_arrowPR = 7

ico_arrowAlexa 298,395


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11 Responses to “How about the 10 oldest domains on the internet today?”


    Wow! That’s some piece of trivia! I thought Google or yahoo would be in there…

  2. Scott Wegner says:

    It’s interesting that all of these names are corporations or independent businesses. The internet was started as a government project, and then adopted by academia before it ever became mainstream– it’s odd that we don’t see that represented here.


  3. staffan says:

    Internet was invented by CERN in the 70′s. As a way for scientists to communicate with each other… if they had an idea how big it’d get. However, compared to what else they discover over there I don’t think they care so much about it nowadays..

  4. references says:

    can you put any citation of your resource?

  5. Senthil says:

    You missed IBM

    Created : 19-mar-1986

  6. says:

    Hi, Senthil

    Yes, I check the whois infomation of IBM, should be the oldest one. Thanks! :)

    Record expires on 20-Mar-2018.
    Record created on 19-Mar-1986.

    Domain servers in listed order:


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  8. Emory Diesi says:

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  9. Well I just want to let you know your sites layout is all messed up on the K-meleon browser, anyhow keep the good work.

  10. whois says:

    haha nice trivia, I am only a 3 months old that time when the was made.=)

  11. I have to say, your blog needs to be one of the best written blogs that I have learn in a protracted time. Many thanks for making the sincere effort to explain this.

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