30+ useful as3 open source projects

edu-science-128x128Isn’t driving you crazy when you realize amazing effect about ActionScript 3 what you want. Don’t you spend much time to do it? Why don’t you reference following open source projects before you begin? Maybe there are something what you need.

The following is some useful as3 open source projects what I have collected.Some of them have include in the previous article the list of AS2/AS3 Physics Engine(open source + non-open source). Note: listed in no particular order. 

1. Flex/Actionscript Math Library
The Flex/Actionscript Math Library (as3mathlib) is intended to provide a rudimentary numerical analysis toolkit for the Actionscript/Flex programming environment.

This library has just been converted from Actionscript 2 to Actionscript 3. It is not ready for general use.

2. ActionScript 3.0 library for several basic utilities
The corelib project is an ActionScript 3 Library that contains a number of classes and utilities for working with ActionScript 3. These include classes for MD5 and SHA 1 hashing, Image encoders, and JSON serialization as well as general String, Number and Date APIs.

3. AlivePDF
AlivePDF is a client side AS3 PDF generation library for Adobe Flash, Flex and AIR.

4. Tweener
Tweener (caurina.transitions.Tweener) is a Class used to create tweenings and other transitions via ActionScript code for projects built on the Flash platform.

5. Flare
Flare is a collection of ActionScript 3 classes for building a wide variety of interactive visualizations. For example, flare can be used to build basic charts, complex animations, network diagrams, treemaps, and more. Flare is written in the ActionScript 3 programming language and can be used to build visualizations that run on the web in the Adobe Flash Player. Flare applications can be built using the free Adobe Flex SDK or Adobe’s Flex Builder IDE. Flare is based on prefuse, a full-featured visualization toolkit written in Java. Flare is open source software licensed under the terms of the BSD license, and can be freely used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

6. di-as3
Developed for use with ActionScript 3, Flash 9 and Flex 2 projects it provides an inversion of control container for components that support dependency injection.Support for constructor and setter injection, with setter injection available to public variables, setter accessors, and methods.

7. AS3 Data Structures For Game Developers
AS3 Data Structures For Game Developers’ is a library containing data structures optimized for game development with Adobe Flash and Actionscript 3.

8. Pulse Particles System
It is a general purpose particle system for AS3 development.The pulse-particle system allows Flash developers to quickly and easily set up a wide range of particle effects. There are two ways of using the system, through an object orientated API that gives full control over the system, or through a simplified object syntax.

9. AS3 GIF Player Class
AS3GIF lets you play and encode animated GIF’s with ActionScript 3

10. Fisix Engine
The Fisix Engine is an Actionscript 3.0 physics engine built for game developers.

11. APE
APE (Actionscript Physics Engine) is a free AS3 open source 2D physics engine for use in Flash and Flex, released under the MIT License. APE is written and maintained by Alec Cove.

12. vanrijkom-flashlibs
It is a collection of Flash libraries.A command line tool for creating ZLIB compressed archives that can be streamed in progressively from the Flash player at run-time, using the provided ActionScript 3 API.

13. MinimalComps: Minimal AS3 UI Component Set
It is a Minimal AS3 UI Component Set.

14. Google Map Flash Interface
Critical Mass has developed a portable Flash interface for the Google Maps API. It’s written in ActionScript 2, and should be able to integrate with most AS2-based Flash projects that can accept external modules.

15. ScaleBitmap : 9-slice bitmap class
The owner have just finished a simple class which allows you to resize dynamically any Bitmap (just like the MovieClip.scale9Grid feature).

16. XIFF
XIFF is an Open Source Flash library for instant messaging and presence clients using the XMPP (Jabber) protocol. XIFF includes an extension architecture that makes it easy to add functionality for additional protocol extensions, or even your own special-needs extensions. There are quite a few extensions already included in the library, giving it support for XML-RPC over XMPP (XEP-0009), Multi-user conferencing (XEP-0045), Service browsing (XEP-0030), and XHTML message support (XEP-0071).

17. FOAM
FOAM is primarily intended as a resource for developers interested in simulating physics. It has a carefully thought out OOP structure and modular design. A savvy developer should have no problem extending and repurposing FOAM to his own ends. The Foam datatype is in fact not a physics engine but an interface for simulating physics. It offers a simple means to create, control and run a simulation- it purposefully keeps the more nitty gritty, behind-the-scenes operations shielded from the casual developer. A physics engine is simply part of its composition.

18. Box2DFlashAS3
Box2DFlashAS3 is an open source port of Erin Catto’s powerful c++ physics library Box2D.

19. Papervision3d
It is an open Source realtime 3D engine for Flash

20. away3D
Away3D is a realtime 3d engine for flash in ActionScript 3.0, started by Alexander Zadorozhnyy and Rob Bateman

21. SWFAddress
SWFAddress is a small, but powerful library that provides deep linking for Flash and Ajax. It’s a developer tool, allowing creation of unique virtual URLs that can point to a website section or an application state. SWFAddress enables a number of important capabilities which are missing in today’s rich web technologies

22. swfobject
SWFObject is an easy-to-use and standards-friendly method to embed Flash content, which utilizes one small JavaScript file

23. HTMLWrapper
Wrapper is a cross-browser compliant HTML/CSS rendering engine written in ActionScript that sits on top of your standards compliant HTML page. Wrapper eliminates cross-browser issues and makes integrating ActionScript and HTML/CSS projects possible without needing to compile. Have introduced it in previous article Wrapper WordPress Theme.

24. ASTRA Galore
ASTRA Galore: New Flash and Flex Components
The ASTRA library of components has just been updated with three new Flash components and seven new Flex components, as well as some important updates to the existing ones.

25. The Ruby on Rails RIA SDK by Adobe
The Ruby on Rails RIA SDK by Adobe provides developers with samples and code to help develop solutions with Ruby and Adobe technologies. The SDK includes open source code created by third parties as well as samples and demos that have been created by project members.

26. as3-stomp
This library is an actionscript 3 implementation of the Stomp protocol. It enables communication between Flash or Flex and any Stomp broker.

27. FlexUnit
FlexUnit is a unit testing framework for Flex and ActionScript 3.0 applications and libraries. It mimics the functionality of JUnit, a Java unit testing framework, and comes with a graphical test runner.

28. Visual FlexUnit
Visual FlexUnit is an Allurent open source project to establish a framework for the testing of components’ visual appearance. The goal is to enhance FlexUnit with additional features to support “visual assertions”. In a nutshell, a visual assertion asserts that a component’s appearance is identical to a stored baseline image file.

29. uMap
UMap is the Universal ActionScript 3.0 Mapping API. The scalable component model allows you to create rich maps with interactive data layers. Our flexible API enables developers to build fully-customized solutions. The current version is integrated with OpenStreetMap and Microsoft Virtual Earth map data.

30. modesMap
Modest Maps is a BSD-licensed display and interaction library for tile-based maps in Flash (ActionScript 2.0 and ActionScript 3.0) and Python.

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23 Responses to “30+ useful as3 open source projects”

  1. [...] 30+ useful as3 open source projects – Ntt.cc Isn’t driving you crazy when you realize amazing effect about ActionScript 3 what you want. Don’t you spend much time to do it? Why don’t you reference following open source projects before you begin? Maybe there are something what you need. [...]

  2. [...] 30+ useful as3 open source projects – Ntt.cc (tags: actionscript as3 opensource flash libraries api projects resources) [...]

  3. [...] 在Ntt.cc上曾经发过一篇30+ useful as3 open source projects和the list of AS2/AS3 Physics Engine(open source + non-open source)列举过一些Flex,ActionScript 3相关的项目。时间的车轮总是滚滚向前……,各种各样的新的Flex/AS3开源项目,优秀的开发包,工具不断地涌现。Sean Moore Bio罗列了一份新的列表,列举了一些很不错的Flex/AS3组件,开发包和工具。很有意思的是这位仁兄居然配了一张蘑菇云的图片,大概是期待这种爆炸性的效果吧。 [...]

  4. This is a great list, a lot of amazing open source projects. I am also throwing my hat in the ring with a new Framework for creating skinnable xml driven applications. My framework is called Flash Camouflage and I would love it if people would check it out at Google Code and my Blog and let me know what they think…

  5. Mark Al. says:

    Is there an solution out there that visually shows me dependencies in my AS3 classes? An Adobe AIR solution would be even better. If someone knows.. please provide the information!

  6. Andrew Yao says:

    Check out http://code.google.com/p/it-depends/

    It is an Adobe AIR solution.

    It parses the link-report.xml generated with the additional mxmlc arguemnt -link-report=link-report.xml

    I have only started using it for a few hours. I love what I have seen so far.

  7. Mark Al. says:

    I’m only dealing with Flash, not Flex. It should not be a huge problem to build a solution for Flash Develop … it already has a Project File which includes every class file. Parsing those for dependencies sounds easy… but I’m not a C++ dev.

  8. Hey, nice tips. Perhaps I’ll buy a glass of beer to the person from that forum who told me to visit your blog :)

  9. [...] bit lazy recently,so……today’s post is learned from Ntt.cc [...]

  10. Jens says:

    If you are after styling components/applications, checkout Jakute Styling Engine, a complete CSS framework for AS/Flash.

    Button:over background-color: #FF0000 #FF6666;
    List ScrollBar#vertical Button#top icon: arrow_top.png;
    Confirm.error Button#ok Label color: red;


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