Insert Text at specified position of TextInput, TextArea and TextField, etc. in Flex

Editor-128x128 Someone asked me how to insert text into input components such as TextInput and TextArea at a specified position programmatically.

Solution Summery:TextInput and TextArea are warped for the TextField interactive object contained in the package flash.text. TextField class provides the function replaceText() to help us to complete the insertion.

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The following is full source code :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
	layout="absolute" xmlns:mxeffects="*"
			import mx.core.mx_internal;
			use namespace mx_internal;

			private var textField:TextField;

			private var insertionPointIndex:int;

			private function onCreationComplete():void
				textField = TextField(myText.getTextField());

			private function onTextFieldClick(event:Event):void

			private function onTextAreaTextInput(event:Event):void

			private function onTextAreaChange(event:Event):void

			private function update():void
				insertionPointIndex = textField.caretIndex;

			private function insert():void
	<mx:Panel width="100%" height="100%">
		<mx:TextArea id="myText" width="100%" height="100%" >

				<mx:FormItem label="insertion point index">
					<mx:Label text="{insertionPointIndex}"/>
			<mx:FormItem label="insertion" direction="horizontal">
				<mx:TextInput id="insertion"/>
				<mx:Button label="insert" click="insert();"/>


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4 Responses to “Insert Text at specified position of TextInput, TextArea and TextField, etc. in Flex”

  1. eBuildy says:

    You can use the simple replaceSelectedText function instead.

    eBuildy, the Web2 builders

  2. Emmad says:

    Thanks a lot man its really works on TextField :)

  3. Ganesh says:

    very vary Thanks

  4. Sam says:

    Thnx a lot for posting it! It works perfect:)

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