18+ great third party tools for Adobe Flash(Full List)

home-128x128 Generally What the Flash developers use most is the Flash CS released by Adobe. In fact there are many other tools could help us reduce the workload and could realize all kinds of very cool effect. Following listed a part of them . Maybe some of them you have already known or are using now. Of course some of them you first heard. Others like “Art Flash Gallery SWF Object 1.1″ which has been introduced in previous article 15+ Free, powerful and easy to integrate Flash image . Anyway if you are a Flash developer, we really recommend following list of tools to you to have a try. If you know others not include in the list,don’t hesitate to leave your comment.

dot-Mac-Logo-128x128 Art Flash Gallery SWF Object 1.1 Art Flash Gallery SWF Object is based on Adobe Flash (cs3) technology. It will help you easily post any images on your site in a matter of minutes.Ease of configuration and a user-friendly interface allow installing and using Art Flash Gallery SWF Object without any special skills. Even novice users will have no trouble creating a new image gallery of their own. Still, if you face any difficulties during installation or configuration, flash-gallery.com technical support service is always there to come to your rescue. Art Flash Gallery SWF Object will organically blend with any design thanks to multiple appearance settings. See the feature list below: – Based on Adobe Flash cs3 technology – Powerful Dynamic Engine with caching control – Gallery parameters configuration via XML – Advanced appearance configuration possibilities – Multiple image transition effects – Convenient thumbnail bar – Navigation bar – Image Captions – Slideshow Mode – Full-screen Mode – Sound Effects.


dot-Mac-Logo-128x128 Away 3D 2.0  Away3D is a realtime 3D engine for Flash written in ActionScript 3, originally derived from Papervision3D. Away3D engine is designed to be fast and extensible. Away3D = Amazing Games, Websites and Applications.


dot-Mac-Logo-128x128 AnimationPackage 2.0 AnimationPackage is an ActionScript 2.0 library and it is compatible to Flash Player 8 and above. AnimationPackage helps you to create powerful, maintainable animations in an efficient and easy way. AnimationPackage can use both approaches, time-based tweening or frame-based tweening. By default, it uses Macromedia’s standard tween-engine from mx.effects.Tween, which is time-based tweening. For frame-based tweening a tween-engine based on AndrĂŠ Michelle’s ImpulsDispatcher can be used, instead.

dot-Mac-Logo-128x128 Flasm Flasm is a command line assembler/disassembler for SWF bytecode.You can use it for low-level optimisations or to manually obfuscate your algorithms for some protection against decompilers. By disassembling simple SWFs you can also gain valuable insights into the inner workings of the Flash Virtual Machine, which is also well explained on the Flasm website.

dot-Mac-Logo-128x128 Fuse – Fuse is MTASC-strict compliant, object-oriented, and fully documented. Fuse gives regular Flash designers and developers the tools they need every day to get their job done. Mostly used to animate in Flash.

dot-Mac-Logo-128x128 Flash Develop – Another popular open source ActionScript 2/3 and web development environment(FlashDevelop is a general purpose code editor).

dot-Mac-Logo-128x128 Flash Projector – Create desktop applications for PC’s and Mac’s with this tool. With Adobe Flash you can create beautiful, powerful Web applications. But you already know that. The trouble is your stuff is stuck several clicks away from the user AND in a browser. mProjector solves this problem beautifully.mProjector publishes your Flash content to the Mac OSX and Windows desktop. Everything possible in Flash works on the desktop.

dot-Mac-Logo-128x128 Flash Jester – More of a site filled with Flash tools rather than just any specific one(NOT free).

dot-Mac-Logo-128x128 Flasheff – Text effect tool, it even features pattern transitions, a collection of over 140 effect patterns (and growing) that enable cool transition effects and interactive actions on visual objects and texts.(NOT free).

dot-Mac-Logo-128x128 JSwiff An open source, pure Java framework for Adobe Flash file creation and manipulation.

dot-Mac-Logo-128x128 MTASC  MTASC is the first ActionScript 2 Open Source free compiler. It can compile large number of .as class files in a very short time and generate directly the corresponding SWF bytecode without relying on Macromedia Flash or other tools.

dot-Mac-Logo-128x128 Papervision 3D – An open source popular3D engine for the Flash platform.

dot-Mac-Logo-128x128 Swift 3D – Probably one of the more popular 3D tools for Flash. It is the industry-leading 3D software for quickly and easily creating 3D vector graphics and animations for Adobe Flash®, video, print and Papervision3D design projects.A host of export options also make it a great tool to be used standalone.

 dot-Mac-Logo-128x128 Swish – Features built in text effects that can be then imported into Flash or loaded on the scene.

dot-Mac-Logo-128x128 SE|PY – SE|PY is a FREE ActionScript editor for Macromedia Flash files.

dot-Mac-Logo-128x128 SWF Studio – A very popular swf 2 exe application that promises you a “no code required” experience.

dot-Mac-Logo-128x128 Salasaga  In development eLearning IDE, aiming to be an improvement on Adobe’s Captivate.

dot-Mac-Logo-128x128 swfmill A command line XML to SWF to XML processor.

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