Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Build the first ActionScript project

book-128x128 About beginning ActionScript 3.0: This will be a series of articles which introduces the basic concepts of ActionScript 3.0. Aiming to help the beginners get familiar with this new version of ActionScript. So, if you already know the basic concepts about ActionScript 3.0, this series will not suitable for you.

About ActionScript 3.0

ActionScript was originally developed by Macromedia in Flash 4, and it was designed for controlling simple 2D vector animations made in Flash. After Adobe acquired Macromedia in 2005, the language is now owned by Adobe.

ActionScript 3.0 was debuted with the Flex 2.0 and its corresponding flash player in June 2006. This is a totally new version of ActionScript; it has many differences with ActionScript 2.0. And it’s easier to learn.

As a result of Adobe’s strategic, now, you can use ActionScript 3.0 to build your application on Flash, Flex or AIR. It means ActionScript is not only belongs to Flash, but also Flex and AIR. So, it’s worth to learn.

Visit the following website for more information.


Adobe ActionScript Technology Center

Build the first application

In this series, I will use the flash cs3 authoring tools to show you the power of ActionScript 3.0. But, it doesn’t matter which tools you use to build the application, you just need to understand the grammars, which was independent from the IDE.

OK, let’s open the Flash CS3 authoring tools. Then create a new Flash File with ActionScript 3.0.


Now, we can see the workspace. Well, you must familiar with it :)

Let’s drag a text field to the stage. Click the Text tools, and then draw it on the stage.


Then, select this text filed and call the property panel (Ctrl+F3 on windows). As the following snapshot shows, change the type of the text into Dynamic Text and give it an instance name “dText”.


Unselect the text field, then Press F9. The Actions panel will appear. Type the following text into the Actions panel just as the picture shows.


Now, test your movie (press Ctrl + Enter on windows, or click the “control” menu then select “test movie”).

Aha, I won’t show you the result here.  :)

Want to see it? Do it now.

OK, that’s ActionScript. Is it very easy to use?

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4 Responses to “Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Build the first ActionScript project”

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  3. Hi,

    For the last 4 days I looking on the internet for a tutorial to start ActionScript. All other sites were beating about the bush. But with your tutorial, i created by first actionscript project in absolutely no time.

    please keep it up.

    Warm Regards

  4. Thank you……

    In turn provided by the dudes is very of use pro us, Thanx to alllllll ?…

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