Top 7 Adobe AIR Apps for Videos you should know

Smurf-House-Smurfette-128x128 We have introduced over 25 Adobe AIR&Flex applications for images on 25+ Very Cool Adobe AIR/Flex Applications for Images & Photos. All of them are very useful! But AIR apps can also be used for video enthusiasts. Take a look through the 20+ apps we’ve gathered for you, and you are sure to find something useful.

Adobe Media Player

Adobe Media Player is a free, customizable, cross-platform desktop player that lets you control when and where you watch your downloaded or streamed media. It allows you to download your favorite TV content, play it while offline, track future episodes and more.



DeskTube is a desktop client for YouTube much like your internet browser, it allows you to view, search, comment, upload and even download the video you are currently viewing. DeskTube brings the YouTube experience right to your desktop, and adds some style while doing so. No more internet explorer, firefox, or safari to check out videos on YouTube.With a simple double click of the mouse, you’ve got YouTube at your finger tips FREE of charge.



FLVPlay HD is a free video player built with Flex 3. This application allows you to play local or remote flv and MP4 videos as well as search YouTube from your desktop and play them inside the application. The user has the ability to organize his/her videos by using playlists, and a hierarchical tree of favourite clips. Application stores the list of recently played videos as well and provides a collection of mods.



RichFLV allows you to edit FLV files and do things such as read flv metadata, cut flvs, convert the sound of the flv to MP3 and more.



SideShow is a simple player built just for the playback of flv video files. While it can play FLVs, it’s really limited to whatever the Flash Player is capable of. SideShow currently supports the following file types: flv, mp4, m4v, m4a, 3gp, mov, f4v, f4p, f4a, f4b, mp3. The UI is based on Sasami2K, a fantastic video player built years and years ago. Sasami2K is no longer actively developed (latest was in 2001) so I took it upon myself to revive my own version in the form of SideShow



A full featured video player that will play F4V, MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, 3gp, 3g2 and flv files. You can also stretch the video to Fullscreen, download Youtube Movies and play Youtube Videos, copy screenshot to the clipboard and more.


YouTube Widget

YouTube Widget allows you to browse Top Rated, Top Favorites and browse more from each member right in the widget. The search panel can be minimized / maximized by clicking on the arrow.


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  3. [...] Top 7 Adobe AIR Apps for Videos you should know [...]

  4. [...] Top 7 Adobe AIR Apps for Videos you should know [...]

  5. Steven G says:

    Have you tried Click on the RSS button on the left side of the screen to subscribe to feeds from many video and photo providers (flickr, smugmug, picasa, youtube, hulu,, etc..)

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  7. [...] Top 7 Adobe AIR Apps for Videos you should know – [...]

  8. Andelia says:

    Hi.I like reading your post , keep doing it.

  9. vinod says:

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