31+ Great Free/Premium WordPress Photo Gallery Themes Let Us Discard Gallery2 etc

Flower-256x256 We have introduced some free businese wordpress themes before (@see 61+ Free Business WordPress themes), in fact, wordpress is a very very powerful php script not only for blog, but also CMS, even photo gallery.

We collect a list of nice blog themes for wordpress designed for Photo Galleries. We hope it will save your time and be useful for all the photo bloggers out there. Enjoy!

Photocrati wordpress theme(Premium)

Photocrati can offer the first web template solution that incorporates a flash-style homepage, richly-featured gallery management (batch uploading, resizing, thumbnails, watermarking, etc), and WordPress.With every Photocrati theme you’ll receive:

Beautiful Design. We’ve kept them clean, simple, and elegant to maximize visual impact and allow your images to speak for themselves.
Flash-like beauty without the drawbacks. Flash-based templates look good but come at a huge cost: slow loading that drives clients away, no customization, no blogging, poor search engine optimization. We achieve flash-like beauty without the flash. More…




Magadine – Magazine wordpress theme

This theme uses plugin called WP-PostViews which enables you to show number of times a post/page had been viewed. This plugin which could be downloaded from here.

Search-256x256Demo  DownloadDownload: Magadine | From Ntt.cc



CSS Gallery Theme

It is easy to build CSS showcase or web gallery with CSS Gallery WordPress theme for webmasters . Packed with built in Tagging, Google ads and a sidebar block with 125 x 125 banner ads. Theme is valid XHTML 1.0 transitional and valid CSS.

Search-256x256Demo  DownloadDownload: OSDesigner.net | From Ntt.cc



Going Pro – Gallery

Simple and very easy to navigate, using a custom field (called “Image”) for a better management in your posts. All that first page images came from this custom field.

Search-256x256Demo  DownloadDownload: Publisher-Heaven.com | From Ntt.cc



Video, Game and Photo Blog Theme

Video-Game-Photo is a 3 column, widget ready, adsense ready, Video, Game and Photo Blog theme.

Search-256x256Demo  DownloadDownload: ProblogThemes | From Ntt.cc




Polaroid theme was designed to be used for a photoblog in WordPress. Of course, you can use them for other types of sites, but the main feature is the ability to give the focus on the picture.

Search-256x256Demo  DownloadDownload: fivebyfive | From Ntt.cc



The Unstandard WordPress Theme

The Unstandard is a split two / three column WordPress 2.6 or 2.7+ compatible theme. The index pages utilize photos rather than text.

Search-256x256Demo  DownloadDownload: The Unstandard | From Ntt.cc



ShutterThemes Free Photo Gallery Theme

The Free Photo Gallery Theme is offered by ShutterThemes.  ShutterThemes theme include free and premium version, if premium you also can got following service:

  • Custom logo uploader
  • Widget-ready feature boxes
  • Different layout options
  • Email support 

Search-256x256Demo  DownloadDownload: ShutterThemes | From Ntt.cc




Search-256x256Demo  DownloadDownload: Erastica.com | From Ntt.cc



Grain Theme

Grain is a fixed-width photoblog theme for WordPress 2.3+ and it is designed to be a “classic” photoblog theme: One photo is shown per entry.

DownloadDownload: Grain Theme | From Ntt.cc



Rio Theme WordPress Theme

No sidebar, fuck off comment previews and three-columns-design are pissed off. It gives your blog the look it deserves and says: You don’t need any overloaded layouts to compensate anything. Be yourself!

DownloadDownload: Rio Theme | From Ntt.cc



Nautilus theme for wordpress

Nautilus is a modified version of K2 for wordpress, which allows you to use the K2 platform as a photoblog.

DownloadDownload: Nautilus | From Ntt.cc




AutoFocus is a WordPress theme specifically for photographers looking for a simple and elegant way to display their work online.

Search-256x256Demo  DownloadDownload: From WordPress.org | From Ntt.cc




is a very simple theme so it is perfect for portfolios of any kind. This will also post a coming soon image if you don’t post a image yourself to keep the theme looking professional.

• A fixed top of page button that slides down the page with you.
• When you click the top of page button it will go to the exact place it was an not be offset like most top of page buttons.
• Will show a “coming soon” image if you don’t place an image yourself.
• You can set how many images you want on each page through the WordPress settings menu.

Search-256x256Demo  DownloadDownload: From Vasthtml | From Ntt.cc



Photo Blog Free WordPress Theme

- theme specially made for photo blogs
- single column design
- Unique design
- xhtml valid
- Widget ready

Search-256x256Demo  DownloadDownload: From WPGlamour.com | From Ntt.cc



Bueltge Photo Blog Theme

Photoblog Theme is a simple minimal theme for wordpress. This theme uses the Javascript Framework jQuery and it can read EXIF data for photos.

Search-256x256Demo  DownloadDownload: From Bueltge.de | From Ntt.cc



Photopress Theme

Photopress Theme is a one column WordPress theme specifically designed for photoblogs. With Photopress you can display large 640px width images without any clutter; perfect for the 640×480 landscape standard.

Search-256x256Demo  DownloadDownload: From Performancing.com | From Ntt.cc



Fotolog Theme

This theme is suitable for those who have huge interest in photography but have no specific template to showcase their high quality photos with wide dimension. These are what fotolog theme has to offer:

  • Built for WP 2.3+ onwards. WP 2.5+ compatible
  • Built in Gravatar support for comments
  • 1 column, showing 1 photo for each page
  • Maximum 800px width photo on main page (can be modified)
  • Previous photo and next photo link; on top and bottom of each page – for better/faster navigation
  • Custom Archive template, showing ALL photos (thumbnail) on one page
  • Custom Archive template also can show thumbnails from specific categories and months and search result
  • Easy to customize CSS, there are comments to help you out

Search-256x256Demo  DownloadDownload: From flisterz.com | From Ntt.cc




PhotoWP is a very simple photo wordpress theme.

DownloadDownload: PhotoWP | From Ntt.cc




Sharpfolio is a WordPress theme designed to enable Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Motion Designers, Artists or any creative professional to showcase their work in a simple, clean, beautiful portfolio. Sharpfolio aims to focus primarily on your work, because after all, this is what’s most important.

Search-256x256Demo  DownloadDownload: Sharpfolio | From Ntt.cc




Monotone is a simple yet dynamic theme for photo-blogging. The layout is clean and non-intrusive, but the way it handles images makes each entry unique (and requires no intervention to do so).

Search-256x256Demo  DownloadDownload: Monotone | From Ntt.cc



BOB Photo Blog

BOB Photo blog only a simple photos theme, not like gallery.

Search-256x256Demo  DownloadDownload: Blogohblog | From Ntt.cc



iQ2 WordPress Photo Blog Theme

iQ2 is a WordPress photoblog theme that fully integrates with the PhotoQ Photoblog Plugin. The main features of the theme at a glance:

  • Fixed width
  • Fully widget compatible
  • Built-in EXIF support
  • Skinnable: Easily exchangeable color schemes allow customizing look of iQ2 to your liking

Search-256x256Demo  DownloadDownload: Whoismanu | From Ntt.cc



Ocular Professor

Search-256x256Demo  DownloadDownload: Andreamignolo.com | From Ntt.cc




Nishita is a simple, elegant styled PhotoBlog theme for WordPress.

Search-256x256Demo  DownloadDownload: Nishita | From Ntt.cc



Cancerbox’s Horizon

Search-256x256Demo  DownloadDownload: cancerbox.com | From Ntt.cc




Reflection is a simple, clean and elegant theme for use with the YAPB photoblog software.

Search-256x256Demo  DownloadDownload: XYloid.org | From Ntt.cc




  • is a simple photoblog theme based on WordPress and YAPB. It’s designed to be minimalistic and to focus on what’s important – the photo.
  • depends on the Yet Another Photoblog plugin.
  • has a fixed width of 900 pixels. It will scale down larger images.
  • has inline comments and no popups
  • is based on the default WordPress theme, but has also borrowed stuff from the grain theme and the monochrome blog with permission from the authors.
  • free to be used or modified by whoever chooses to do so

Search-256x256Demo  DownloadDownload: jasen.dk | From Ntt.cc



WP Pix

Honest, I don’t like this theme only because that dead photo. :)

Search-256x256Demo  DownloadDownload: wp-magazine.se | From Ntt.cc



Monochrome Gallery(Premium)

Monochrome Gallery is a free widgetized theme for WordPress packaged with an author archives page, AJAX slideshow, categorized posts with thumbnails on the homepage and a CSS framework to aid in customization.

Search-256x256Demo  Download available only for a member of Graph Paper Press($49)



iThemes Photo Gallery Web Template(Premium)

High customizable it privodes you a basic palette to work with, or if you just want to keep it clean and simple
Text or graphical header By default it shows a text only header, but the code is there to include a graphical version of your logo
Manage your online portfolio through the WordPress CMS Crop two sizes of your work: One for the front page thumbnails and another full size version and upload to WP
Give prospective clients an easy way to contact you We recommend using a free Contact Form plugin here

Search-256x256Demo: iThemes Photo Gallery




PhotoBlog is an unique portfolio theme for Photographers, Graphic Designers, Architects, etc. With an intuitive layout and a fully widgetized sidebar, it offers the flexibility required in modern blogs. PhotoBlog’s Options Page allows you to set up your site in less than 10 minutes!(Single License $49)

Search-256x256Demo: PhotoBlog


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    It’s one of the best photo gallery theme

  4. Great roundup of some gallery themes! It seems that there are quite a few out there that are free that look and function just like some of the premium themes.

  5. Nice collection of themes. I agree with ThemeSage.com, there are so many great free themes now, and the quality keeps getting better. Makes one wonder if eventually there won’t be a market for premium themes. Whether free or premium, WordPress will definitely be a common platform for photo websites.

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  11. Hey ntt.

    This is a great round up of gallery themes.
    I wanted to let you know about a new bunch of gallery themes over at http://www.ethemes.com.au

    My name is Elliot Condon and I have recently started creating Premium Gallery themes which are quite different from the normal.

    I’d appreciate it if you would concider adding a link to my ethemes site and showwing crisp gallery if possible.

    Thanks for your good WordPress work.

  12. Nice list of awesome wordpress gallery themes, very useful list.

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    After extensive search on the web i was only able to find this site which offer a theme similar to what i would like :


    That theme is for sale but i am unable to purchase it due to a glitch on their website (my unsuccessful attempt to contact them is a long story in itself).

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    The best photo gallery theme is http://wallpapersall.com

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    nice one but only some are free but i love it thanks!

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