20+ Perfact jQuery Plungins Make You Website More Attractive

Hourse-256x256 jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. By using of jQuery you can write less but do more. There are large of ready made jQuery plugins available from generous designers and developers on the web can help add stunning functionality and effects to your website. Then you have collect 20 Perfact jQuery plungins hope them can be helpful to you. Now, let’s start!

Pikachoose jQuery Image Gallery

Pikachoose is a lightweight Jquery plugin that allows easy presentation of photos with options for slideshows, navigation buttons, and auto play. Pikachoose is designed to be easily installed, easy to setup, and well… all around easy.



Easy Slider 1.5 – The Easiest jQuery Plugin For Sliding Images and Content

Easy Slider 1.5 features:

  • auto slide
  • continuous sliding
  • "go to first" and "go to last" button
  • hiding controls
  • optional wrapping markup for control buttons
  • vertical sliding
  • multiple sliders on one page



Supersized – Full Screen Background/Slideshow jQuery Plugin


  • Resizes images to fill browser while maintaining image dimension ratio
  • Cycles Images/backgrounds via slideshow with transitions and preloading
  • Navigation controls allow for pause/play and forward/back



jQuery Cycle Plugin

The jQuery Cycle Plugin is a lightweight slideshow plugin. Its implementation is based on the InnerFade Plugin. It supports pause-on-hover, auto-stop, auto-fit, before/after callbacks, click triggers and many transition effects. It also supports, but does not require, the Metadata Plugin and the Easing Plugin.

Cycle Plugin



prettyPhoto is a jQuery based lightbox clone. Not only does it support images, it also add support for videos, flash, YouTube, iFrames. It’s a full blown media lightbox. It comes with useful APIs so prettyPhoto can be launched from nearly anywhere (yes, that includes Flash)!



jQuery Infinite Carousel

jQuery Infinite Carousel is a scrolling carousel that works in the same way the carousel worked on the Apple Mac ads page.

Infinite Carousel



Galleriffic is a jQuery plugin for rendering fast-performing photo galleries. It was inspired by Mike Alsup’s Cycle plugin, but with performance in mind for delivering a high volume of photos.



Spacegallery – jQuery plugin

Spacegallery is another image gallery.




prettyPhoto is a jQuery based lightbox clone. Not only does it support images, it also add support for videos, flash, YouTube, iFrames. It’s a full blown media lightbox.




FancyBox is tool for displaying images, html content and multi-media in a Mac-style "lightbox" that floats overtop of web page.



jQuery Flash Plugin

jQuery Flash Plugin is a jQuery plugin for embedding Flash movies.


  • Simple, but powerful.
  • Flash Detection, Express Install and more.
  • Accessible and Unobtrusive.
  • Native and light-weight.

Flash Plugin


jQuery Media Plugin

jQuery Media Plugin supports unobtrusive conversion of standard markup into rich media content. It can be used to embed virtually any media type, including Flash, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, Real Player, MP3, Silverlight, PDF and more, into a web page. The plugin converts an element (usually an <a>) into a <div> which holds the object, embed or iframe tags neccessary to render the media content.



Transcendent jQuery Date Range Selector + Short Cuts

It was packaged everything up into a nice download so even a novice can enjoy these fantastic improvements to the standard Date Picker.



New jQuery Weekly Calendar Plugin

The jquery-week-calendar plugin provides a simple and flexible way of including a weekly calendar in your application.




ClockPick is a jQuery timepicker plugin. You can set the options on the demo to see the effect.




tabSwitch is a tab/slider plugin for jQuery. You could make a tab box system with the least of code and still fully customizable. Currently, you could choose from 7 different effects with 2 view styles. You could also hot swap the effects around in runtime.




idTabs is a plugin for jQuery. It makes adding tabs into a website super simple. But it can also open the door to endless possiblities.



jQuery fade and slide toggle plugin

The jquery slidetoggle() is great, but one thing it was missing is some opacity fading in the sliding animation. fade and slide toggle plugin is a very small plugin, but you will still find the effect cooler than a regular sliding.



jQuery pageSlide

jQuery pageSlide was inspired by the UI work of Aza Raskin. This plugin allows any developer to recreate a similar interaction on their own website using a few simple lines of Javascript.



s3Capcha jQuery plugin

The s3Slider jQuery plugin shows how the layer appears. It can be on top or bottom, on left or right, or the layer can appear on all sides.s3Capcha

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