10 Basic Flash Tutorials

Pollen-Flower-icon There is no doubt that Flash is a very powerful gropgram but also a difficult program to learn. In previous article 25+ Very Useful Flash & ActionScript 3 Tutorials we have introduced some, but it seems not enough. This time we have listed some very common used Flash tutorials. Hope it will be helpful to you.




Create a Simple Inverse Kinematics Animation with Flash CS4

Inverse Kinematics (IK) is a system that allows animators to set up animation constraints by laying out a structure of bones, which determines how certain pieces are allowed to move. This is heavily used in 3D modeling tools for character animation. One of the most anticipated new features of Flash CS4 is the new built-in support for IK animation as well as the ability to control these animations at runtime using ActionScript. This tutorial will walk you through the basics of creating a simple IK animation.

Inverse Kinematics Animation


Best Practices for Porting Flash Animation to Mobile Phones with Flash Lite

In this article, It share the lessons learn to get the "2001" animation to work on a mobile phone (and actually win the best animation category). The tips and tricks mentioned in this article also apply to creating new games and applications for mobile devices in general.

Mobile Phones with Flash Lite


Flash Slideshow Image Gallery

This tutorial will show you how to make a simple, yet effective, slideshow-type image gallery using Flash with minimal scripting.

Flash Slideshow Image Gallery


Create a Classic 3D effect -Parallax- with Flash CS4

In this tutorial, it will create a classic 3D effect that’s known as parallax. In the past, this type of effect required a large amount of complicated ActionScript to pull off.

Classic 3D effect


3D Space Project with Adobe Flash CS4

3D Space Project with Adobe Flash CS4


Integrate Google Maps into Flash CS4

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to integrate Google Maps into your Flash application using just a few lines of code. The Google API is incredibly easy to use and it’s extremely powerful.

Integrate Google Maps into Flash CS4


Taking Music from Adobe Soundbooth to Flash

The trick is to export the music in QuickTime format from Soundbooth and then allow Flash to covert it to an FLV file.

Taking Music from Adobe Soundbooth to Flash


Motion tweening

It is very important to understand the concept of motion tweening in Flash. Motion tweening is used to automatically alter the properties of a symbol (a movie clip, a button or a graphic) over a certain length of time.

Motion tweening


Loading XML in Actionscript 3.0

Things have changed a little bit in AS3.0 when it comes to load XML but the tutorial show you it is very easy to do once you done it a couple of times. In AS3.0 It is a bit different because as you know you need to write a bit more code to accomplish simple tasks. Let’s have a look at the tutorial.

Loading XML in Actionscript

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    Excellent tutorials. The Google Maps API tutorial comes highly recommended.

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