12 ActionScript Tutorials About Button

fish-2-icon No matter Web or Windows program development, the button is a necessary role. There are many tutorials about button application in Flash with ActionSctipt. We have collected some for your reference. Some of them teach you how to create a button in flash, some of them introduced how to enable or disable a button with ActionScript. Hope you will enjoy them.

Making a button work in Flash CS3 or Flash CS4 with ActionScript 3.0

It introduced how to create a button in Flash CS3 or Flash CS4 using ActionScript 3.0 step by step:

  • Create a button, just as you would in Flash 8.
  • Select the instance, and add the instance name monkey_btn in the Property inspector.
  • Insert a new layer, and rename it actions.
  • Open the Actions panel (Window > Actions), select frame 1 of the actions layer, and add the following ActionScript in the Script pane.

    Choose Control > Test Movie to test your document.


    How to make an amazing button in Flash using ActionScript

    In this easy ActionScript lesson it will explain to you how to create professional, clean and polished buttons. No design tools will be used in this tutorial. Just pure ActionScript code! Please note that this is a lesson made for Flash 8 pro. You will learn how to:

    • Create new movie clips from scratch,
    • Create nested movie clips with ActionScript too,
    • Create stunning gradients and other graphics via ActionScript,
    • Import and embed fonts into Flash, understand how they work and add to the size of your SWF movie,
    • Create dynamic text fields from scratch and format them using the myriad properties available in ActionScript,
    • Import, create and apply filter effects to movie clips and text fields, and more.


    Flash Buttons with Action Script 3

    In this tutorial, RC covers how to create buttons that call to urls using Action Script 3.


    Interactive photo button

    Using this thoroughly explained, detailed flash lesson, it will explain to you how to create interactive photo button using the action script code and some special flash tricks.


    Setting Button component styles in Flash with ActionScript 3.0

    The ActionScript 3.0 User Interface components also have a completely new method for skinning and styling components. Setting Button styles is now handled using the setStyle() method. You can get a list of each of the Button component’s native and inherited styles by using the getStyleDefiniton() method. By setting various Button styles you can do the following tasks:

    • Set icons to use with a button
    • Assign a text format for the button’s label
    • Embed fonts
    • Change a Button’s skins to change its appearance
    • Specify the interval for an auto-repeating button to dispatch buttonDown events


    ActionScript 3.0 for a button in Flash CS3 and CS4

    In this tutorial it show how to create a button in Flash CS3 and CS4 with ActionScript 3.0 step by step.

    • Create a button, for example create a box using the rectangle tool.
    • Select the button and then goto the properties window on the right side of the screen.
    • Create a new layer above your button layer in the timeline called actions.
    • In the actions panel enter the Actionscript 3.0 below.


    Create a button with Actionscript 3.0

    Another new feature of Actionscript 3.0 is the SimpleButton Class. It is basically the old Actionscript 2.0 Button Class but with a few new Methods.
    With Flash CS3, it is possible to create buttons in runtime using Actionscript and act on the 4 states of the button which as been introduced as methods:
    - upState
    - overState
    - downState
    - hitTestState


    Creating emphasized Button components in Flash with ActionScript 3.0

    When building applications, often you might want to add emphasis to a certain button. For example, if you had a simple feedback form with both a Submit and a Cancel button, you may want to add a border around the Submit button to make it a bit more visible to the user. Adding emphasis around a Button instance is easy using the Button component, as you only need to set the emphasized property to true.


    E-mail button with Action Script

    With using this lesson you will see how to make an e-mail button in Flash using Action Script. You can use this button for any website. Let’s begin this lession of Flash Action Script.


    How to enable and disable a button with Actionscript

    In this basic Flash tutorial it show you how you can disable and enable a buttons functionality with a small bit of Actionscript. You can check the source files to see how to setup this test file.


    Moderate ActionScript 3 Button

    This is a class for quickly building buttons. You can style the button by changing the two colors, the outline color, the padding, corner radius and the outline color (argb).


    Creating a Toggle Button with ActionScript

    In this tutorial look at how to make a movieclip that not only changes on rollOver and rollOut, but looks different depending on which of two states it’s in (on/off, play/pause, go/stop, etc).

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