7 Small But Powerful ActionScript Class About TextField

flying-bird-iconIn previous article we have learned the ActionScript class about sound, string, bitmap. This time we will introduce you more about Textfield class. Some of them is small but very powerful, it will help you create text search engine easily in flex or allows you to use the SpellChecker’s functionality with every normal TextField in Flash. If you are interested why not have a try now?

TextMetrics–Find substring coordinates, line widths, and much more

Have you ever needed to find out where the line breaks occur in a dynamic TextField? How about the precise x/y coordinates of a particular phrase/string along with its width & height so that you could highlight it somehow? Or maybe the width of each line of text? That’s all possible with the gs.utils.text.TextMetrics class.



This is a component developed for the sake of simplifying the process of formatting html-text in Flex. HTMLStyle works pretty much the same as the  tag and is also applicable in Actionscript code.


AS3 AutoComplete class

It is an AS3 AutoComplete class that works in ActionScript only projects.


Flash Text Search Engine Class

Create text search engines in ActionScript easily using this versatile and lightweight class. It can be used in a simple way, or with expert features such as excluded characters, case sensitivity, etc.


Playing with Text in AS3

This tutorial will teach you the basics for dealing with text and text formatting in ActionScript 3.0. You should be able to create a text field, change its color and attributes, position it, and use a specific font for your text field by the end of this tutorial. We will use the TextField Class and the TextFormat Class to carry out these taks.


ActionScript Spellchecker for Flash Textfields

It is a class which allows you to use the SpellChecker’s functionality with every normal TextField in Flash. You can now right-click the misspelled words and get suggestions from the loaded dictionary in the context-menu.



TextAnim is a extensible Class to create text animations. The idea is only work to break apart the TextField (split TextField) and dispatch blocks sequence, to be free to make the animation you want. Doesn’t matter which tween engine that you like: Tweener, BTween, GTween, Tweensy, TweenLite (…)

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