7 ActionScript Class About Color

hp-auto-icon In previous article we have introduced the ActionScript class about sound, string, bitmap, TextField. But as you know the internet is also a colorful world. Then the class of color is essential part of the development. Following we have prepared some light weight useful Color class for your reference. Hope you will enjoy them

Color Name Class

The ColorName class defines the names and hexadecimal values of the colors defined in SVG 1.0.


ColorMatrix Class for AS3

Compared to the AS2 version the writer have added several new methods and of course tried to use optimizations wherever possible.


TweenMax: TweenLite on Steroids

TweenMax extends the extremely lightweight, fast TweenLite engine, adding many useful features like timeScale, AS3 event dispatching, setDestination(), yoyo, repeat, repeatDelay, rounding, and more. It also activates many extra plugins by default, making it extremely full-featured.


Actionscript 3 Color Sampler Class

Color sampling engine for DisplayObjects. Takes a defined sample area (width, height, x, y) of a BitmapData object and computes the average color within the area. The RGB, red channel, green channel, blue channel, hue, saturation, and brightness values are stored from the sample.



The AdvancedColor object essentially extends the built-in Color object by adding the ability to specify color for a movie clip in any of the RGB, HLS or HSV/B color spaces. It also provides static methods that allow direct conversion between color spaces.



Fade to a given hex color over a given duration.


Designer Class

Control the Drawing API in Flash with this easy-to-use Class. Simple ActionScript Commands can draw circles, squares or complex shapes with gradients in just one line of code.

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