8 Useful Misc ActionScript Class

osd-sun-icon In previous article we have particularly introduced some ActionScript Class. For example about: Color, TextField, Sound, Button… This time we prepared a list of Misc Class for you. They are very common and often be used during the coding job. Then it must be very helpful to you. Now let’s start!

Survey Lite Library for Flex developers

it’s very alpha and is very simple, not even close what we did. But in case you need to create such survey for your Flex app it should work. SurLL, intend to get more easy to create UI survery in Flex with no extra work and quite simple.



Read and write Excel files in Flex. I-t supports reading text, numbers, formulas, and dates from Excel version 2.x-2003 and writing text, numbers, and dates. Formulas also update to reflect changes in cells they reference.


Scale9Grid Class for Masking in AS3

It is automatically scales according to the scale9Grid rules. The class allows you to use the rounded rectangle as a mask without having the corners distort when it scales.


Acessing Flash vars in Flex (nice little Util class)

It uses the [Mixin] tag to make sure variables are available before the application creation is complete.


ActionScript 3 Cronjob

This could help you manage repetitive or single tasks in the future using a cron task syntax.



The NpContextMenu Class is a fairly simple ActionScript 3 class for creating and interacting with Contextual Menus. The class simply redispatches the ContextMenuEvent.MENU_ITEM_SELECT event to any parties interested in responding to menu events outside of the actual class. This allows for a little more flexibility with how events are handled and how the menu itself is set up. By using this approach the menu can be a a little more dynamic.



InteractivePNG lets you set an alphaTolerance level to determine what transparency level will register as a hit.



The AssetLoader Class is a Flash Project allowing AS3 Developers to load any file with one interface. The AssetLoader Class aims to make a simple developer interface to load pictures, videos, sound, xml, AV1 SWF and AV2 SWFs. It uses simple object notation and is easily extendable by the developer.

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