Some “Bad News” Recently For Adobe Flash & What Is The Really Wish For Apple

pool-bird-iconAs we all know, Adobe Flash has some troubles on its hands recently ( see Flash NOT in the iPad ). It is a competition between the big name companies, I think it more like a war. But as a result, will Steve Jobs be happy if Flash dead? Or can Adobe get more benefit if the UNION crumbled? Which union? Please read continue. :)

Some Background You Should Know

For understand deeply, the following history you should know.
  1. Web browsers use the "img" tag to recognize and display graphical elements in any number of formats, from GIF to JPEG to PNG, there has never been an equivalent way to simply place video or audio files within HTML.
  2. Web developers originally used MJPEG, a simple video format that plays video, it works across browsers, but isn’t very efficient in terms of quality versus download size.
  3. Microsoft failed to match QuickTime’s performance with its own Video for Windows product in the early 90s.
  4. Google demonstrated a version of its YouTube website delivering video using HTML 5′s native support for publishing H.264 video without Flash.
  5. Apple, with over $30 billion in cash, the market of Adobe cap is about $18 billion.

Today, the browsers taking away Microsoft’s control of the market, including Opera, Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari, and Google’s Chrome.


Some News for Adobe Flash

At first, let’s look back some news, hmmm, even some are old for you.

  1. Apple has been adamant about not supporting Flash on the iPad.
  2. the Open Video Alliance, which includes Mozilla, Kaltura, Miro, and Yale Law School, is launching an important project: a mass campaign to bring video to Wikipedia
  3. Open Video Alliance are supporting a number of community-based projects, all based around the open standards HTML 5 + Theora(the open format used by Wikipedia)
  4. NPR, Wall Street Journal Launching iPad-Only Sites — users will be able to fire up the iPad’s browser, visit or, and it will automatically detect that it’s being viewed with Apple’s device and display an exclusive, custom-built site.
  5. Windows Phone 7 Lacks Flash Support — Microsoft confirms the first version of its new mobile device OS won’t support Flash or cut-and-paste operations. According to a number of Microsoft blog reports, MS plans to add support for Flash and cut-and-paste in later, but not sure now.
  6. Flash and Applications to Appear On Google TV — Google, along with partners Sony and Intel, will soon be bringing web browsing and web applications to a TV near you. And with the Google Chrome web browser, which will be included in the package, comes Flash–and Hulu, YouTube and Netflix.

Ok, What can you know from above news? And what are you thinking?


What should Apple wish for

We can know from above that theora is the open video standard that Wikipedia, Kaltura and Miro support, in fact, it is one of the contenders for the video tag in HTML5. All of them are open source—it is important!

Open source video is poised to kill off Flash in HTML 5, but Steve Jobs may not be as happy as you would think. Because open source is as repulsive to Apple as Flash is, probably it will leave Steve Jobs and his black box and closed system in a bind.


What should Apple do

Who can say which will win last? NOT Apple, NOT Jobs, NOT Adobe, NOT any big name companies, it is CONSUMER, yes, YOU. I think the following point( Part of here) can representative of most people.

Apple do not have to support flash on the iPad. They choose not to. If they are wrong then the device will tank and they’ll have a flop on their hands. If they are right then the device will sell anyway.

If the market decides that it wants an iPad that doesn’t have Flash, then the developers will have to rethink how they reach such a device – if they want to reach such a device. (They may decide that they don’t want to.)
If the market decides that Flash is critical, then Apple will either have to rethink their stand or have a flop.

It doesn’t matter if Flash is ubiquitous, Flash is great, Flash is rubbish or Flash is the best thing since bread. Apple have decided not to support it. There is no reason that they must.

So, regardless of whether you want Flash support or not, the fact is that Apple don’t. So your choice is really simple: if Flash is mission critical to you, don’t buy the iPad.

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3 Responses to “Some “Bad News” Recently For Adobe Flash & What Is The Really Wish For Apple”

  1. Georges Jentgen says:

    I don’t believe that the support for Flash or not will be iPads death. The iPad, just like the iPhone, just works and will sell without Flash support.

    It’s us, the developers who cry out loud because we want to be able to build webapps (mostly using Flex) that run on the iPhone/iPad. That some Flash content does not get rendered (those annoying ads :) ) is not bothering us. It should be easy to display a static image instead of the flash ad when viewed on iPad. Video will not be a concern as sites like youtube already have HTML5 video playback on their hands.

    In the end, it’s JUST us, the webdevs using flash/flex to build websites and webapps that cry for flash…
    And Adobe hears us… soon, they will also deliver a flex way of publishing apps on the iPhone (almost sure, why not?!?!).

    Then, we will all be happy coding in Flex and publish our apps on the app store :)

    And HTML5 will not kill Flash any time soon as Flash is more than just animated boxes that are clickable…

  2. Andrew Morton says:

    “Because open source is as repulsive to Apple as Flash is, probably it will leave Steve Jobs and his black box and closed system in a bind.”

    Please check and verify by yourself how much open source Apple actually contribute. Adobe AIR uses WebKIT to perform its HTML rendering. WebKIT is an open source project from Apple, however in AIR, Adobe has cut off and removed support for plugins and CANVAS element, so the only thing you can use is Flash. I’m not aware of anything that Adobe has contributed back to WebKIT project.

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