Is Google Chrome The safest Browser For Surfing?

google_chrome One way for that nasty cyber-stuff like viruses and malware to infect our PC is through the browser. So more protection and better performance web browser be needed along with people spend more and more time in the web surfing. Recently we can read many “news”  or blogs praise Google Chome, because Chrome was to only browser to survive recent the Pwn2Own security testing contest.

Today, security is becoming one of the most significant fronts in the new round of browser wars. Pwn2Own is an annual hacker’s challenge, the four major web browsers, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer 8, be put through the security wringer for cash and prizes.


During Pwn2Own 2010, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer were all successfully compromised, but Chrome was able to withstand the first day of the competition.


As the only browser that, so far, hasn’t been hacked, It seems like this bodes extremely well for Chrome’s security system and it is the safest browse. But is it true?

In fact, no one attempts hacking Chrome at Pwn2Own Competition. :)

The following is some comments on Google Chrome’s security:

  • The sandbox isolation design is indeed beneficial from a security perspective
  • Chrome is among the newest browsers written from the ground up and avoids a lot of the legacy issues for W/2000 and supporting prior browser versions (like IE has to do for compatibility)
  • Chrome is somewhat untested in-the-wild.  Firefox, IE, Opera, and Safari have been available longer
  • Google has been previously ranked as one of worst companies when it comes to privacy concerns (e.g., their sharing of IP addresses from searches)
  • Chrome has been patched along the way for security issues.
  • Most likely Chrome has been fuzz tested extensively given Google’s extensive resources and the code is probably high quality. 
  • Still "code is code" and no software product is totally invincible
  • A browser can’t save users from themselves (so "think before you click")

Only Google Chome survived not mean it was the safest. As the points above, Chrome is among the newest browsers, Chrome is also somewhat untested in-the-wild etc. I’m extremely identify with the last point, users should think before click.

As the market share data be shown on Can Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9) Compete With Mozilla Firefox?, IE still had a practical monopoly on the browser market although it was buggy and had enough security holes to make it the Swiss cheese of browsers. And it is anticipated that more and more buggy on Google Chrome will be found in the future(if it can be more popular).

Nobody can force others decide which browse should be used, but as a surfer-self, we should take precautions to prevent the viruses and malware to infect our PC no matter which browse be used.

For the browse software self, no one can be perfect because browsers are so complex. But anyway, the users who day-to-day web surfers will be the browser war real winner–the browser certainly result in better products and a safer Internet to users.

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