Watch 3D “Avatar” Or “Alice” With Google Chrome!

glossy-3d-blue-orbs2-086-icon If we say “Avatar” let’s know what is IMAX 3D, “Alice In Wonderland” push it climax. What will happen if 3D be used in virtual world? Do you also think 3D cool? On April 1, 2009, CADIE attempted at the April Fools’s joke that enabling Chrome’s 3D functionality allowed us to 3D contents–so much more than we ever thought was possible. Perhaps it will come true on this summer.

The following is an excerpt about Ian Fette, product manager of Chrome browser at Google, talks to Harsimran Julka about Google’s strategy for Chrome:

Q: Which new applications on Chrome should users expect this year?
A: This summer, we will launch 3D apps via Chrome. Thus users will not have to download a 3D platform to play or view 3D games. Just visiting a website via Chrome will do the job. Air Support is another feature we have already launched. It helps one access Gmail and social networks while on a flight. Thus one can tweet, search mail and even compose and save drafts while offline. Now, one can directly drag an image in Chrome to open it.



We also can learn a little on this post What’s Google planning for Chrome 5?, as we know, Google Chrome supports WebGL standard, it permits sophisticated, low-level, hardware-acclerated 3D graphics from a Web application.

Yesterday it was only a joke, but now perhaps it have been true. In fact, such a thing like this, it is happened and happening daily in our real life.

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