How To Send Mail Through Godaddy SMTP Servers via Gmail Account

Google_Mail_Beta_logo Google Gmail is a very powerful webmail, also free, advertising-supported, pop3 and IMAP service provided. Gmail users also can import from other webmail like Yahoo!, hotmail, or POP3 accounts. That means we can send and receive email with gmail interface.

Godaddy, the world’s largest domain name registration US web company, provides the free Email credit to their domain registers—users can create Email account which the domain registered on Godaddy with this credit.


As a Godaddy user and have been using Gmail as my email client, I tried the new Gmail SMTP feature to send messages from the external server of godaddy. But when I try to configure the SMTP server from inside Gmail account, I get the following error:

Your other email provider is responding too slowly. Please try again later, or contact the administrator of your other domain for further information.

I asked to Godaddy and Google why, Godaddy said it was not problem of theirs, because webmail and other Email clients like outlook all worked fine. Google suggested me try to SSL. I checked the Godaddy SMTP information, oh, thanks GOD, it supports TLS. Then changed the setting like following “Always use a secure connection (SSL) when sending mail” checked and port 465. Sending mail work fine!


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7 Responses to “How To Send Mail Through Godaddy SMTP Servers via Gmail Account”

  1. Well worked out … thanks for sharing; now just need to make Receive function

  2. Rakesh says:

    Thanks for sharing this info. I will surely try this option :)

  3. Kirby says:


    Did you have to purchase a SMTP Relay Account from GoDaddy?

    I’ve searched for the SMTP settings page, but cannot find it.


  4. Hugh Espe says:

    Omg. The email battle is only going to be loco.

  5. Scott Clayton says:

    Thanks for posting… I have been working with an issue with google apps sending email “on behalf of” through outlook (using google apps sync) and the gmail web interface.

    This seems to fix the problem… one thing I might add though. If you do not want to use godaddy webmail or godaddy imap servers. You can add your godaddy pop account through gmail as well through the accounts tab.

    This way everything is through godaddy with respect to sending and receiving (pop and smtp)… But you can send and receive from outlook and your online gmail account with any issues (sending from the wrong email address). Also, your godaddy email remains in the background and it will not fill up the 1 gig of free space.

    If anyone has any other creative ways to do this I would love to hear it.



  6. Ben says:

    I’m getting the “provider responding to slowly” error message when trying to do this. Ive tried the solution proposed in
    to no avail.


  7. Adam says:

    If your trying to get SSL connectivity working in Gmail’s settings menu go to;

    Accounts and Import>
    Check Mail using POP3>
    Click “edit info” link to the right of the account in question>
    In the pop-up window click the “always use secure connection (SSL)” box>
    Change the port in the drop-down menu from port 110 to port 995>
    Hit Save Changes>
    Get a “Server denied POP3 access” error>
    Punch in password for account in the password box that appears>
    Double-check your port is still set at 995>
    Click Save Changes and….. Voilà!

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