Top 10 Creative And Cool Flash Preloaders

folder-customer-iconThough Apple adamant about not supporting Flash on the iPad and iPhone, though many of them still complain that Flash web pages are slow as a snail, Flash websites more and more get popular among internet world. We introduced some Flash Menu Buttons, Vertical Flash Navigation Menus and Horizontal Flash Navigation Menus in previous articles. Another important aid element is preloader.

Flash preloader is a way to ease the complaint and make visitors browsing easily by displaying a short message or how long the content on your site will take to appear. That can range from a simple, static waiting message to dynamically creative and stunning. And it often fits to the overall design and work as a teaser for the content of the site.

The following is 10 creative and cool flash preloaders. Though you probably have known them but hope you can enjoy their ideas.


Please notice depending on the server load and your connection preloaders may quickly disappear. In this time you need to look closely and precisely in order to find the preloader.




Communicator World

Flash Preloaders Communicator World


Laplanete Sldimension

Laplanete Sldimension Flash Preloaders



Scruffs-Game Flash Preloaders



Erguvanplatin Flash Preloaders



Rabbids Flash Preloaders


Starbucks Coffee at Home

Starbucks Coffee at Home Flash Preloaders



Sir-Patroclo Flash Preloaders


Elipse Agency

Elipse Agency Flash Preloaders


Oddo Design

Oddo Design Flash Preloaders

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