The Fresh Book on Flex 4 By Chet Haase Has Been Published

flex4funCover240x185Chet Haase, a senior computer scientist on the Flex SDK team at Adobe Systems, Inc, has published his new book on Flex 4 called “Flex 4 Fun”. tried to published the book Design Patterns in ActionScript before too, though it is FREE, but got many bad reviews even obloquies. So I knew that write a book, especially a high quality book is NOT a light work. Thanks, Chet Haase! :)

This book is the authoritative guide to graphics and animation in Flex 4: the fun stuff! It will teach you the graphical and animation technologies in Flex 4 that enable better user experiences.

Flex 4 is an open-source tool that allows developers to easily add life to web applications with dynamic user features, colorful transitions, and eye-catching animations. Flex 4 is also a powerful and flexible set of libraries that enable rich client applications running on the Flash Platform. In particular, Flex makes it much easier to write robust GUI applications than it otherwise might be with just the Flash authoring tool and APIs.This book is specifically about the graphical and animation technologies in Flex 4 that enable better user experiences: the "fun" stuff.

Table of contents

Contents ix
Contents vii
Acknowledgments x
1. Introduction 13
2. Graphics 18
3. Filters: Easy Image Processing 60
4. States 96
5. Transitions 105
6. Skinning Components 119
7. Animation 138
8. The Animation Class 152
9. Flex Effects: The Basics 184
10. Effect Choreography 209
11. Advanced Flex Effects 230
12. Go Have Fun 258

You can download free sample chapter PDF(Graphics 18), or purchase this book from here. If you purchase just the PDF eBook for $23.00, PDF + Paper Book combo for $46.95.

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