Zuma-like Flash Game With AS3 Source Code

flash-game-zuma What is Zuma? Zuma is a fast-paced puzzle game developed by PopCap Games. It can be played for free online at several Web sites like MSN Games, Zuma on Yahoo!  etc, and also available for a number of platforms, including PDAs, mobile phones, Smart-phone, Xbox, Mac and the iPod. Zuma is one of the best-selling casual games of a very long time. It has been a brand, we can find over 10 clones in the casual game market called zuma-like games. As a Flash developer, did you think build a zuma-like flash game for yourself?

Of course, we can’t decompile the official swf file for an ethical standpoint. However we can try to build/coding it by ourselves for learning. :)   So we should know first:

How Zuma works?

The principle of zuma is sufficiently simple, it is shaped like interlocking links in a chain, and is filled with colored plastic balls which move around through channels. Shoot balls with the balls of the identical color and remove them from a playfield. The balls are released from a stone frog that can rotate around and against the clock. Zuma barely falls into the category of "puzzle game" at all. It’s much more of a fast-action arcade-style game with a good deal of strategy and skill thrown into the mix.


Download Flash CS4 Project

I tried to search if there were existing AS3 based Zuma-like project, fortunately, I took it on a forum. A user named hy411699434 published his/her Zuma-like AS3 code on here(Chinese, need to register). Though it’s a non-finished version, but most functions has be done. If you are interesting it, then action! :)

Click below screenshot to play demo, click below link to download Flash CS4 project.


Search-256x256 Demo | DownloadDownload Full Project(Flash CS4 based)

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  1. Feras Jobeir says:

    nice project
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  2. [...] is a very flexible tool for building games, most time we can find the flash game AS3 source like Zuma-like Flash Game With AS3 Source Code from internet, for the beginers who want to create his/her own flash game, step by step tutorials [...]

  3. FOG says:

    Thank you for this great game resources

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