10 Great Online Resources For Adobe Flash Development

Tropical-Stone-icon We could find easily the AS3 Source Code like Zuma-like Flash Game from some Flash community. This article presents 10 good online resource sites for Adobe Flash developers. A huge number of open source Actionscript libraries and tutorials can be found there. If you are a Flash experience, you should know most of them( if not, then you are out. only a joke :) ).  Great resource are missing? Don’t forget to share it with the rest of us via our comments section!

ActionScript Library on senocular.com

Senocular.com ActionScript library is a source for ActionScript 1, ActionScript 2, and ActionScript 3 ActionScript files and classes. Visitors can simply select a file from the directory listing on the left, each categorized in folders respective to their versions.

Action Script Library on senocular


Actionscript Library on actionscript.org

There are over 750 actionscript libraries range over Array Object, Bool Object, Component Relaeated, Date Object, Math Object etc.

Actionscript Library on actionscript


Open Source Flash Projects on osflash.org

osFlash.org aims to be a comprehensive list of links to Open Source Flash projects, both those hosted on OSFlash and elsewhere.

Open Source Flash Projects on osflash


Spark project

The Spark project is a Flash/ActionScript open source community Japan! Here is Spark’s English version.

Spark project



FFiles is a rich resource of Free Flash Files. All of the files posted there by the wonderful community are available free of charge.



Jim’s Flash Bestiary

Jim’s Flash Bestiary published some cool Flash movies and samples with accompanying source code. And begun porting some of these examples to HTML5/Canvas since 2010.

Jim's Flash Bestiary



Gotoandlearn.com provides a huge number of video tutorials about Flash, including up to date examples taken from the latest and pre-release versions.



Flash and ActionScript Tutorials on kirupa.com

You can find the tutorials from Animation, Drawing and Design, Common Tasks… to Game Development.

Flash and ActionScript Tutorials on kirupa



FlashKIT.com is a Flash developer resource site which provides 1334+ flash tutorials.



Tile based games ( For Flash Game Developers )

You can read some tutorials about making tile based games with Adobe Flash range over Map format, Keys to Move, Open the door, Jumping, mouse to move and more.

Tile based games

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