11 Powerful Open Source Tweening Engine For ActionScript

Coffee-Cup-icon We can create simple animations easily in ActionScript with the Tween libraries like the AS3 tween engines in Zeh Fernando’s Tweener or Jack Doyle’s TweenLite(Although there are Tween Classes already bundled in Flash Cs3 above). This article provides 11 powerfl open source tweening engine for actionscript. If you know others, don’t forget to share it  via our comments section!


AnimationPackage is an ActionScript library compatible to Flash Player 6 and above. It helps you to create powerful, maintainable animations and primitive shapes in an efficient and easy way, resulting in small file sizes.


AS3 Animation System

Here are some details regarding the system and it’s features.

  • Specify the use of ‘enter frame’ or ‘timer’ as your render method on a per-animation basis.
  • Easily complete many common animations using the animation manager with one line of code.
  • Create complex sequences of tweens and actions using the virtual timeline.
  • Easily animate any property of any filter.
  • Advanced color support that includes brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation.
  • Common interface used for garbage collecting throughout the entire package.
  • Create motion paths for display objects with the option to auto-orient to path.
  • Advanced animation support using paths as value maps.
  • Extremely extensible architecture.
  • Clearly defined API.
  • Full-blown documentation using ASDoc (same as Adobe livedocs).
  • Eleven example files ranging from basic to advanced usage and theory.



BetweenAS3 is a fast, powerful and professional new tweening engine.


Go ActionScript Animation Platform

GoASAP is a versatile, generic base library for building animation tools in ActionScript 3.0.

Some concrete building-block classes & interfaces, a few key architectural concepts, and a very fast pulse engine in it.

  • GoEngine: like a sophisticated timer class designed to run animations as efficiently as possible.
  • ‘Playable’ Building Blocks: Go provides a generic interface: start(), stop(), pause(), resume() and skipTo().
  • Tween, Parallel & Sequence: LinearGo is the robust tween base class provided by Go.


GTween Tweening and Animation Library for ActionScript 3

GTween is a small but extremely robust ActionScript 3 library for programmatic tweening, animation, and transitions, built by Grant Skinner of gskinner.com. It is currently comprised of 3 key classes:

  • GTween (3.5kb). A robust tweening engine, packed full of innovative features.
  • GTweenTimeline (1kb). A powerful virtual timeline that extends GTween to enable you to sequence tweens and actions.
  • GTweener (0.5kb). A static interface to GTween.



KitchenSync is an ActionScript 3.0 library for sequencing animations and other time-based actions.


Ridiculously SMALL Tweening Class

This ByteTween static class eats only 1.7Kb of compiled clip! WIth this size it supports:

  • Creation of tweens of any numeric property (not color/uint propperties).
  • Pause,Unpause,Cancel operations based on the tween target and property.
  • Overlap system that cancel tweens of same property in order to avoid erroneous behaviour
  • Alpha tween with negative alpha support (negative alpha sets the MovieClip visibility to false)
  • ’scale’ tween of both ’scaleX’ and ’scaleY’ properties.
  • OnComplete callback with any number of parameters
  • Easy interface for creating new tweens!



Twease is a light, powerful, and open source tweening engine and sequencer for AS2 and AS3.



Tweener (caurina.transitions.Tweener) is a Class used to create tweenings and other transitions via ActionScript code for projects built on the Flash platform. It’s released and maintained for these versions:

  • ActionScript 2.0, for Flash 7+ and Flash Lite 2.0+
  • ActionScript 2.0, for Flash 8+
  • ActionSctipt 3.0, for Flash 9+


TweenLite – A Lightweight, FAST Tweening Engine

TweenLite is an extremely fast, lightweight, and flexible tweening engine that serves as the foundation of the GreenSock Tweening Platform. A TweenLite instance handles tweening one or more numeric properties of any object over time, updating them on every frame. Sounds simple, but there’s a wealth of capabilities and conveniences at your fingertips with TweenLite. With plenty of other tweening engines to choose from, here’s why you might want to consider TweenLite:

  • SPEED - TweenLite has been highly optimized for maximum performance.
  • Feature set - In addition to tweening any numeric property of any object, TweenLite can tween filters, hex colors, volume, tint, frames, and even do bezier tweening, plus LOTS more.
  • Expandability - With its plugin architecture, you can activate as many (or as few) features as your project requires. Write your own plugin to handle particular special properties in custom ways. Minimize bloat, and maximize performance.
  • Sequencing, grouping, and management features - TimelineLite and TimelineMax make it surprisingly simple to create complex sequences or groups of tweens that you can control as a whole. play(), pause(), restart(), or reverse().
  • Ease of use - Designers and Developers alike rave about how intuitive the platform is.
  • Updates - Frequent updates and feature additions make the GreenSock Tweening Platform reliable and robust.
  • AS2 and AS3 – both AS2 or AS3 support.



Tweensy is an extremely efficient Actionscript 3 property tweener. Contained within Tweensy is an expansion package called Tweensy FX which allows for motion effects to be applied onto DisplayObjects.

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