Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 HTML5 Pack Preview Download Available

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 HTML5 Pack Preview Download Available As what I said in previous article Video Encoding Cookbook and Profile Guidelines for the Adobe® Flash Platform, HTML5 is a language and Flash Is a Platform. They are not antagonistic. On Wednesday, Adobe announced the Adobe HTML5 for Dreamweaver, an extension to Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 that Adobe made available for both Mac OS X and Windows for immediate download. Honest it’s very basic for most web developers, what’s worthy announcement and why that’s worthy of announcement particularly?

This pack will make DreamWeaver users the ability to develop content on as large a number of screens as possible, including smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs, and other devices. They can more easily create, deliver and optimize compelling content consistently, across the widest array of screens, to maximize revenue streams and forward their businesses. With new CSS3 capabilities users also can more easily design multi-screen Web pages.

The HTML5 update will be available on the Adobe Labs site.

This extension provides initial support for HTML5 and CSS3 in Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, and helps you easily create HTML5 pages and CSS3 styles. It also includes updates and WebKit improvements for Design View and Live View rendering.

Dreamweaver’s Live View mode is also getting an update, which uses the same WebKit rendering engine as Safari and the Android browser to preview web pages. The Live View window will now be able to render pages built with HTML5 and CSS3, so developers coding native video and audio playback to their pages will be able to preview those pages in Dreamweaver.

Both Flash and Dreamweaver are part of “Creative Solutions”, it’s Adobe’s core business and generated half of Adobe’s revenue last quarter. As HTML5 grows, Adobe can offer new tools to drive revenue growth. So, there’s no reason that Adobe couldn’t even built an "export to HTML5" command in Flash.


Another interesting point is, this release comes soon after Apple began encouraging developers(the 5th) to create web apps in HTML5 rather than rely on Adobe’s Flash Player to deliver videos, audio clips and animations. Apple’s devices don’t support Flash and turn to HTML5. Ok, Adobe will release new tools for building HTML5 web apps. It will help the company maintain its foothold on a web even if Flash will be less attractive. Adobe won’t put all eggs in one basket.

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch Demos HTML5 Tools At Google IO

(Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch Demos HTML5 Tools At Google I/O)


About Dreamweaver CS5

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 is the latest release of the company’s award-winning authoring tool for designing and building websites. It delivers powerful new tools for PHP programmers supporting popular PHP-based content management systems like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. Dreamweaver CS5 also delivers a powerful new inspect mode tool for CSS, while in Live View, so that designers can visualize complex interactions of styles for more efficient editing. Built-in support for Adobe BrowserLab is also new in Dreamweaver CS5, making it even easier and faster to test website designs across browsers and operating systems.

What’s HTML5

Basically, It’s the next version of the coding for web. It aims to eliminate the need for web plug-ins like Adobe Flash. Instead, the functionality of Adobe’s Flash platform will be available right in the code of the web. HTML5 is quickly becoming the new standard of web development. YouTube and Internet Explorer 9 are already confirmed to support the emerging format. And here is a list of the new features/tags in HTML5.

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