An Evangelist at Adobe Systems Shows Apple FaceTime Clone “FlashTime” Video Chat For Android

adobe-color Mark Doherty, Flash Platform Evangelist at Adobe Systems focused on Mobile and Devices with Flash technologies, demonstrated a peer-to-peer video calling system for Android called FlashTime, is built using the upcoming Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) 2.5, currently in beta.

Not only the product name, but also the technology, which mimics Apple’s iPhone 4-based FaceTime. AIR 2.5, “at feature parity with the desktop Flash Platform”, is said offers support for device cameras and microphones, enabling developers to create video-conferencing applications.

Oh, unlike FaceTime, it also features a text-based chat system.


Utilising Adobe’s own Stratus servers, the FlashTime demo shows a video call between two Google Nexus One phones:

Although Mark Doherty claimed FlashTime is NOT an Adobe product, but don’t forget Doherty is an Evangelist at Adobe Systems, which one can be looked on as an Adobe spokeswoman – Although an Adobe spokeswoman said the app is not officially supported by the company and is rather a demonstration to developers that Adobe’s AIR platform for Google’s Android can be used to make video calls.

Note: These AIR features are “working”, although they may not make it into the v1 product.
Note: This is not an Adobe product, but simply a feature demo that took 3 days. Any one can build P2P applications with Flash and AIR.

an Adobe spokeswoman wrote in an e-mail.

"Mark initially used the name ‘FlashTime’ for his demo so developers would understand that his app had similar functionality to other video applications,"

"Mark changed the name of his demo because this was causing confusion."

Android 2.2, or Froyo, will offer full Adobe Flash support. Adobe will bring its technology to BlackBerry, Symbian and others in hopes to condition users to expect this type of content on smartphones. 

All fine above, however, honest, I don’t think this clone is exciting/glorious for Adobe company or Flash Platform Evangelist. If other flash developer released this demo, that’s OK, but as an Adobe staff, even it’s only a demo, only a misunderstanding by readers, that’s NO.


In additonal, there’s been a standard way to make video calls between mobile phones for years, part of UMTS (3G).

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2 Responses to “An Evangelist at Adobe Systems Shows Apple FaceTime Clone “FlashTime” Video Chat For Android”

  1. Denis Du says:

    I’ve by no means been huge but I’ve to confess that the iphone is sort of good! :) I might wish to know if this issue in regards to the iphone four is vital or not. I’d like to buy the new 4g and I was wondering if the calls really drop more or not. Sorry if it’s kind of off topic :P Thanks a lot

  2. I’ve never been a big fan of Apple but I have to admit that the iphone is quite good! :) I’d like to know if this issue about the iphone 4 is important or not. I’d like to buy the new 4g and I was wondering if the calls actually drop more or not. Sorry if it’s a bit off topic :P Thanks a lot

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