20 Coolest Adobe AIR Apps

air_logo Adobe AIR allows developers to take advantage of different technology in order to further develop their own applications. These applications run outside of the Web browser and can function across multiple platforms. Adobe AIR, which is free, is used by many companies, such as Nickelodeon, eBay and National Geographic.

1. Shrink O’Matic

This is a free application for AIR that allows users to shrink their images in batch format, rather than one by one. Drag and drop PNGs, JPEGs or GIFs and select how you want it to shrink.



2. Font Picker

This free tool grabs all of your font files and lets you type in a sample phrase to help you select the font you need.



3. Klok

Track personal time and see how you spend your days.



4. Websnapshot

Drag and drop or type in a URL into this application to take snapshots of a website. They can be in browser size, full page size or thumbnail size.



5. Webkut

This works in a similar fashion to Websnapshot, except you also have the ability to cut out a selection of the Web page for snapshot purposes.



6. Icon Generator

This allows users to generate a Web 2.0 or a CS3 style icon. Only three steps are involved and you are on your way to four different sizes of your newly generated icon.



7. Flickr Flipper

This allows users to find Flickr photos based on keywords or usernames. Papervision is used to show the photos and save it to your computer, but it only offers up to 100 search results.



8. COLOURlovers Desktop Color Finder

Search among almost a million different colors to find the one you need.



9. Colorbrowser

Use this application to organize color palettes you enjoy the most. There is also a sample palette to get started.



10. Kuler

Import color themes to be used in various Adobe applications.



11. RegExr Desktop

This desktop application offers the ability to test expressions with special characters.



12. Snippely

Use this tool to store "snippets" of code, quick memos and notes instead of abusing your hard drive with multiple instances of Notepad. It can even be organized to quickly retrieve the memos.



13. SearchCoders

This application has won awards for its ability to help developers search for the kind of code they need. You can even take notes and keep track of various blog posts of high value. Best of all, it is free.



14. MiniTask

This free application will allow you to manage your time effectively, and it also allows you to reorganize your day by drag and drop.



15. FEAT

The Freelancer’s Estimation Assistance Tool allows freelancers to determine how much they have been making hourly for the day.



16. JustResizeIt

This is an easy to use application that resizes images based on the options set in your widget. This makes for easy Internet uploading.



17. Xe-IMG Image Editor

Import all of your images and edit them without dealing with clunky Adobe applications.



18. ImageSizer

This application has been around for awhile, helping users redefine their images. In recent updates, however, they have made the process even easier, with clearer instructions posted directed on the application.



19. Contrast-A

Interact with a 3D space of RGB color and experiment with the different combinations. This also allows you to check the level of contrast and to test for color deficiency.



20. Fireworks AutoBackup Utility

Automatically backup your modified PNG files while you are in Fireworks. Adobe AIR is definitely a unique kind of development tool that has developers creating so many kind of applications that make the lives of others easier.



About the Author

James Adams is a full time blogger and designer. Currently he works at Cartridge Save where he posts on their blog, the CreativeCloud, about advertising, art and design in the media.

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3 Responses to “20 Coolest Adobe AIR Apps”

  1. We have four different Air applications that we have finished within these last months: http://web-responsive.com/index.php/productseng all of them free or at least a free limited version.

    one is a joomla picture uploader really easy with drag and drop, then a time manager for work with small office exercises, and two facebook picture applications.

  2. Verga Grande says:

    Image resizing isn’t very cool but yet there are 3 entries in your list. I don’t think any of these apps are cool.

  3. vinod says:

    Hi James,
    Stumbled upon your post from the Adobe website. You might want to try our app – http://shufflr.tv. I’d love to hear what you think and how they stack up with the apps in this list.


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