Adobe Is Testing a Beta Version of Flash Designed For the MacBook Air – Flash Could Reduce Battery Runtime By 33%?

flash-player-cjr If you want run Adobe Flash content on the Apple new MacBook Air, you have to download the plugin and install it yourself. Apple said they left Flash Player off the Air so users would be sure to download the latest version.

Adobe’s Shantanu Narayen says he’s tired of the debate over Apple barring Flash from its products, he said,

"When we have access to hardware acceleration, we’ve proven that Flash has equal or better performance on every platform."

the chief executive says they’ve presently got a Macbook Air in the labs and have an optimized beta of Flash for the device presently in testing.


However, Ars Technica ran some tests and discovered that having Flash on the MacBook Air could reduce battery runtime by 33%.  Ars only tested the Flash battery drainage on a MacBook Air, but they assumed that similar battery runtime results would be seen on other MacBooks and PC laptops.

Adobe CEO to Apple

In the other hand, Narayen dismissed the idea of HTML vs. Flash,

"Flash has changed the world,"

he said.

"When you change the world with what you deliver, you’ll have fans and supporters — and you’ll have your detractors. We have to continue to innovate, and we will."


Narayen conveyed Flash is a big, established technology that’s tricky to shove into a small mobile device.

"Web video is becoming huge,"

Narayen said.

"And in that respect, Flash is better than or equal to the power of any technology out there."

Adobe insists Flash is still relevant.

"[Of course], Adobe is all about creating the best tools [for both HTML 5 and Flash]. It’s really described in a [very] narrow way [in the media]."

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