Chrome Integrated PDF—Good or Bad News for Adobe?

google-chrome-integrated-sandboxed-pdf-viewer-comingPDF is one of the most popular document formats that’s used for delivering documents on the web, for read PDF file, normally you need to install Adobe Reader.

Google Chrome Team announced they had integrated PDF viewer to the Chrome beta channel. For most people especially the desktop administrators, you needn’t to continue deploying Adobe Reader with basic PDF needs. With each new release the guys over at Google have made sure to share new features and improvements with us.

Google Chrome’s PDF implementation brings Chrome’s standard speed and minimalism, The interface is only contains four buttons — all of which control the zoom. if you don’t need complex rich document interactions, it’s fine for you.Chrome Integrated PDF

For Windows desktops, it will provide an opportunity to remove one omnipresent application (Adobe Reader) one omnipresent plug-in (Adobe Flash).

Let’s listen some sound from some users:

Now, imagine silently deploying the automatically-updating, default-sandboxing, and quick-loading Google Chrome as the default PDF viewer for your computers.

Surely, I’m not the only one frustrated by Adobe’s security holes, enigmatic update strategy and bloated Reader software…

Sweet deal, Chrome Team. Good show.

In most cases, in order to open a PDF file, you need the proper software or a browser plug-in.  Chrome’s new integrated PDF viewer allows you to open PDF files in the browser without having to download and install any additional software. When it loads it will do so quickly and will look as seamless as if it were a normal web page.

All we rejoice! But for Adobe, do you think it’s good or not?

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4 Responses to “Chrome Integrated PDF—Good or Bad News for Adobe?”

  1. jack potter says:

    I just downloaded and installed google chrome for the first time and I am not pleased with the rendering of pdf. Light, fuzzy, discolored characters. Looks much better in other browsers (that apparently do use adobe plug-ins). Not such a great idea you’re all hot on, frankly, it’s silly you tout like there’s nothing wrong, where is the disconnect, you got ax to grind, on the payroll, eh, what gives?

  2. John S says:

    Chrome IS fast, but the pdf viewer is another place it’s lame.

    I agree: fussy, small, bad.

  3. ilie de la scularie says:

    well… it seems Google goes after micro$oft. they think they know what’s best for the users. Well stupid google fags, where the f*** did you put the print button on your “great” built-in PDF viewer????

  4. John S says:

    Print is tools (wrench icon) / print. Sorry, no print preview that i can find.

    Now where is the marquee zoom?

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