Five Developing Technologies That Will Blow Your Mind

Topaz-icon It is amazing how much technology has and continued to improve every day. The 5 technologies that I have listed here are ones I find to be both amazing and attention-grabbing. When considering fun and new technologies look no further than these wonderful new inventions.

1. Livescribe Pulse Smart Pen:

This is not just an ordinary pen. This pen can actually remember everything you do with it. Whether you write some random doodle, or a love letter; this pen will remember every stroke of it all! It also comes in with a built-in microphone, an audio device, and it has a memory so that you can upload everything on to your computer.

This is practical when you suddenly can’t remember something you have written before. This is great for any kind of note taking. Simply write it down once, and you can recall it in digital form at any time.



2. Pocket Projector:

The pocket projector technology from 3M was the gold winner in this year’s Edison Award for best new products. This little projector fits literally in your pocket and is guaranteed to let you enjoy a projected entertainment up to 80” in size. You can use it for virtually anything that needs projection; whether watching a movie or in school teaching.

It connects with every known gadget out there – from laptops to Playstation Portables. With this small invention you can even use it for business presentations, and that I will tell you is bound to make a powerful impression on any investor or manager when it comes to presenting your ideas.



3. Solar – Powered Cinema:

Yes, this invention lets you watch movies. While that is not impressive in and of its self, the way this invention powers itself is. The big difference between a normal movie house and the Sol Cinema is that Sol Cinema is powered by solar energy. While it is small and it can only fit 8 people in for a movie it is certain to create a unique personal movie experience. There are popcorn makers and usherettes, but most impressive is the fact that it is all solar powered. It has 2 solar panels that charge its batteries and in turn they power the cinema to perfection.

What a great way to promote your business –being powered by the sun means you are emitting little to no carbon which warms the Earth. If we can harness the energy of the sun for just anything in exchange of a carbon – emitting product, we just might be praised for supporting Al Gore’s advocacy.



4. Nintendo 3DS:

3D is the IN – thing nowadays. Video games will never be the same when 3D reach the mass market with the new upcoming Nintendo 3DS. Though 3D games were being made for high – definition TVs, the reality is that not everyone can afford it. The 3DS is portable and the idea is to bring 3D to the mass market. The handheld’s selling point to differentiate it further is to let you play games “without the glasses”. Yes, the glasses are sometimes a distraction. With the 3DS, Nintendo guaranteed that they will remove what’s between you and the game.

Perhaps another “wow” factor is the 3DS’ anti –piracy feature: It will connect to the net anytime it detects wireless internet service and then upgrade its firmware. Unless you isolate your 3DS to a place where it cannot detect a wireless internet service, then you have no chance of pirating games.



5. Rescue and Caregiver Robots:

I love the anime of Japan. Video gamers wait for English localization of Japan’s video games. One thing that the Japanese have long been fascinated with is robots. They believe that if the Japanese made cars have driven their economy in the last century, then in the 21st century, robots will do the same.

The latest additions to Japan’s long list of robots are rescue robots and caregiver robots. Rescue robots aid humans in rescue missions such as after an earthquake, by digging out the rubble. While caregiver robots offer assistance in the medical profession; like carrying patients that caregivers cannot do themselves. Japan sees their robots to be of great use around the world and they intend for that to once again fuel their struggling economy.

All of these technologies are not just amazing; they are a glimpse in to a wonder filled future of technology. It is limitless. Sometime in the near future all of these emerging tech products will change the way we live. Who knows, soon, there may even be electronic computers inside our body or perhaps even a spacecraft that can travel with ease far away from Earth.



About Author

Robert Fulton is a 20-something technology enthusiast originally from the west coast. He works as an administrator for a wireless internet service company, and is currently back in school. When he’s not working or studying for his masters degree, you can find him traveling the world and spending time with his son.

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