Enjoy the So Many Advantages Of Google Android OS

Google-Android-Logo Google has always lead the world with its innovations. These innovations became the necessities for the Google users. Previously, when we talked about the smart phones, there were Apple, Blackberry, etc but in late 2007 Google made a progress in smart phones as well and the product was the Google Android Operating System. There are a lot of simple mobile phones in the market but all the phones are not really smart. The hardware might look alike while looking at two phones but what makes a mobile phone really smart is the operating system.

Android was a separate brand previously and acquired by Google in 2005 making a big deal. It was acquired to attach the Android OS with the upcoming innovation by Google. It was to be a smart phone. The product was awesome when released in 2007 and came out to be the Apple iPhone’s biggest contender. This smart phone does not require to uninstall software after it has been expired just because it runs an open source operating system. The main source of this operating system is the Linux. It is because Linux operating system is totally open source and you do not have to pay for the renewal of the licenses once it has been acquired. Previously, the Linux operating system was being used in desktop computers, servers and notebooks. This was a fresh launch into the smart phone devices.



Advantages of Google Android OS

There are many associated advantages of the Android operating system. It has revolutionized the world of smart phones. Let’s have a sneak peak of some of the advantages to be enjoyed by Google’s Android OS.

  • The main advantages that makes it preferable is that it is totally free. Google has really gone a long way in facilitating the users and the manufacturers.
  • Another feature that has already been discussed is that it is an open source operating system that really helps the developers. It has opened new horizons of research for the developers. This facilitates everybody who wants to modify the features and contents of this awesome operating system as per one’s own heart. All what is needed is just to download the source code and that code can be used to tweak the Android. That goes quite fabulous.
  • Simple Java language is enough if someone wants to modify it. This is a benefit in itself. This is the mostly used developing language and most of the guys are expected to be aware of that.
  • It has the ability to support a great number of hardware and software that really makes it different from others.
  • You have plenty of options when you are looking for downloading the applications because android OS supports a lot of applications and the portals. You can download from the Google platform or form any developer’s website.
  • One of the greatest features that go with Android operating system is that it is being manufactured by many manufacturers like HTC, Motorola, Samsung, etc. you have the option to select the smart phone as per your choice of brand. Moreover there is a variety of appearance and the hardware flavors that demands your attraction at the first sight.

Using the Android operating system smart phone really delivers a new experience and you would love that. Just with the launch of the Google’s Android OS, there are significant falls in the demands of the contending smart phones like Apple iPhone, Blackberry and the Windows mobiles. It has gone a long way in changing the smart phone trend of the world by capturing a big market niche.


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This article is provided by John Masters who writes for http://www.uninstallersoftware.net, a site featuring different tips for Google Android users, including uninstall software, uninstall google chrome and uninstall google toolbar.

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