Adobe Launched Flash Player 10.2 for Windows, Mac, and Linux

flashplayer_165x165 You may love or hate Flash Player, but updated versions are never a bad thing. Adobe announced the release of Flash Player 10.2 for Windows, Mac and Linux. Flash Player 10.2 delivers beautiful HD video, faster graphics rendering, and high performance on mobile screens and is designed to take advantage of native device capabilities. This new version features Stage Video, a complete hardware accelerated video-pipeline to bring first-class video on all browsers as well as platforms.

The Adobe Flash Player 10.2 no longer supports Microsoft Windows 2000 and Macintosh PowerPC-based computers.

Other features of the latest version include multiple monitor full-screen support, improved sub-pixel rendering designed for superior text readability and IE 9 hardware accelerated rendering support.


Adobe claims Flash Player 10.2 is power-efficient and uses no more than 15 per cent of CPU.

Adobe’s Tom Nguyen also said:

"Working across platforms and browsers, it will enable the best video experience for the most people. Many millions of additional PCs, from netbooks to desktops, can now become slick HD home theaters on the web."

There are also some additional new capabilities in Flash Player 10.2:

  • Video at its best is immersive, so Flash Player allows you jump to true full screen playback with one click. With multiple display full screen support in Flash Player 10.2, you can now easily watch your favorite videos  in true full screen on one display while you multitask on another and get some work done (or not).
  • Added support for custom native mouse cursors lets designers and developers create their own static or animated cursors with silky smooth responsiveness, enabling richer game and application interfaces.
  • New sub-pixel text rendering enhancements leverage Adobe typography research to further enhance text readability, especially for complex character-based languages.
  • Support is included for the GPU rendering technology in Microsoft’s upcoming Internet Explorer 9 browser.

AMD and Adobe worked together on the new Flash Payer, the Flash Player 10.2 is fully supported on PC platforms powered by AMD’s Fusion.

"AMD and Adobe worked together to enable AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing technology through Flash Player 10.2 to bring users an enriched, more vivid video experience,"

said John Taylor, director of Client Product and Software Marketing, AMD.

Video sharing sites such as YouTube and Brightcove have already started enabling the newest version of Flash Player.

You can download Adobe Flash Player for windows from here or install a different version of Adobe Flash Player.

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