10 Unit Testing Frameworks for Flex/Flash Applications and Libraries

bug-icon Unit test is an important stage for an project. For Java projects, we can use the great unit testing framework such as JUnit, for C++ project, the similar tool CPPUnit also be used popularly. For ActionScript developers, are there similar frameworks for us? That’s sure, here is a collect of unit testing frameworks for Flex and Flash applications and libraries. Enjoy!

1. ASTUce: ActionScript Test Unit compact edition

ASTUce is intended for developers who wish to implement unit tests in ECMAScript (ECMA-262) and ActionScript 3. This framework is a regression testing framework inspired by the xUnit architecture.


2. AsUnit

AsUnit is the only open-source unit test framework for ActionScript that works with ActionScript 2, 2.5, 3.0, Flash Authoring (back to MX and up to CS4), Flex Builder, the Flex Framework (2 and 3), MTASC, MXMLC, and any version of Flash Player since version 6, including AIR and even FlashLite.


3. dpuint

dpuint is an Unit and Integration Testing Framework for Flex 2 and 3.


4. FlexUnit

FlexUnit is a unit testing framework for Flex and ActionScript 3.0 applications and libraries. It mimics the functionality of JUnit, a Java unit testing framework, and comes with a graphical test runner. You also can read this tutorials to learn How to use FlexUnit in Flex.


5. flex-mojos

A collection of maven plugins to allow maven to compile, optimize, and test Flex SWF, Flex SWC, Air SWF, Air SWC and Air package.


6. flexcover

Flexcover is a code coverage tool for Flex, AIR and AS3. It incorporates a modified version of the AS3 compiler which inserts extra function calls in the code within the SWF or SWC output file. At runtime, these function calls send information on the application’s code coverage to a separate tool; The modified compiler also emits a separate "coverage metadata" file that describes all the possible packages, classes, functions, code blocks and lines in the code, as well as the names of the associated source code files.


7. FlexMonkey

FlexMonkey is a free Adobe AIR application used for testing Flex and AIR based applications. Providing the functionality to record, playback and verify Flex UI interactions, the test automation tool also generates ActionScript-based testing scripts that you can easily include within a continuous integration environment.


8. fluint

FLUnit is an Flex Unit and Integration Testing Framework.


9. fxspy

fxspy allows you to Inspect, edit and monitor your Flex application’s components properties and styles.


10. Reflex Unit

Reflex Unit is a testing framework for Flex 2 and Flex 3 applications. It is designed to be a drop-in replacement for Flex Unit

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6 Responses to “10 Unit Testing Frameworks for Flex/Flash Applications and Libraries”

  1. Velo says:

    Flexmojos is not a unit test framework…

  2. Marty Pitt says:

    …neither is FxSpy

  3. Hi,

    FlexMonkey is a functional automation tool, not a unit test framework.
    FlexCover is a code coverage tool, not a unit test framework.

    dpUInt became Fluint.


    • Ntt.cc says:


      Thanks, Mike.
      It seems I need to change the title to “test tools” or other suitable … :)

      >dpUInt became Fluint.
      Yes, only think dpUInt may be helpful for somebody else too.

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