Mobile Internet Usage Reaches Nearly Half Of UK

Mobile Internet Usage Reaches Nearly Half Of UK Just a few years ago, there was a relatively low number of people using Internet capable devices. Since then, the figures have skyrocketed. Millions of people are using smartphones and mobile based Internet technology to keep in touch and interact on the web. Even though the West has seen more usage, more people are getting connected through mobile means all over the world. This figure has seen a dramatic upswing, and nearly half of every person in the UK is now connected to the web through mobile technology.

It’s not surprising that more people are using smartphones and other mobile technology to stay connected, but it’s the speed with which it’s happening that’s caught the world by surprise. It seems that everyone wants to be online these days and the market is giving people the tools to do this. Of course, this has been made far easier through better WIFI connectivity, applications, and Cloud Computing Services. It seems that there’s a lot of factors at play that’s allowed this confluence of connections to take place.


An article on the BBC talked about this mobile revolution that’s taking, not just the UK, but the world, by storm. The article stated that nearly 71 percent of 16 to 24 year old users are currently online through the use of broadband services. The number of older users seems to be quite low as in the UK only about 8 percent of the population is currently using technology for connection purposes. It seems though, that the majority of the population is in some way staying connected, whether it’s through land-based or other services. The same article stated that about 23 percent of the population wasn’t online, but it was because the web wasn’t a necessary tool in their daily lives.

These figures are only projected to rise and through the improvement of Internet connections and better services, more of our culture is going online. We already do a majority of our interacting with friends and family through social media outlets. Only time will tell as to how far our society’s level of connection will go. America and other countries are seeing similar trends in their markets and it’s not likely to slow down any time soon.

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