How To Use The Type Tool In Photoshop

photoshop-icon If your are a fresh man for the Adobe PhotoShop, the following series simple tutorials will help you entry the PS world easily. In this tutorial, we will introduce the type tool —which allows you to pick a font, size and make other changes to your text, you can easily add text to an image or a blank document with PhotoShop Type Tool. Now let’s start.

There are 4 choice for you in type tool image : Horizontal Type(T) image , Vertical Type(T) image , Horizontal Type Mask(T) image ,  Vertical Type Mask(T) image . Here we use Horizontal Type as an example.

Step 1: Create text by using type tool. Choose Horizontal Type(T) , Click the picture, enter the letters where cursor position stay. Click “Enter” can make newline. When finished, enter “Ctrl + Enter” or click submit bottomimage, The Text will be saved as a new layer. After finished it will create a new layer which name is the text content.

image  image

Step 2: Revise text content. Choose Horizontal Type(T). Let the mouse stay in the text, when the cursor change to 无标题, click the image then you can edit the text easily like change relevant setting for the character by dragging and selecting.

Note: if there are two or more text layers very close on the picture, it may easily click and edit other text layer. In this case, we will close or hide others, the hided layer will not be edited.

The Type Tool public bar as following screen-short, next we will introduce them one by one.


  • image Change the text orientation. You will not worry how to arrange your text, just click this bottom. Note: this bottom is effective for the whole text layer, even if you just select a part of the text. It means this option can not be effective for individual character.


  •  image Set the font family. There are so many different style fonts, you can choose what you like. Note: Photoshop use the operation system fonts, then if increase or decrease font in operation system, it will also effect the Photoshop font family.


  • image Set the font style. There are 4 styles: Regular, Italic, Bold, BoldItalic. You must be very familiar with them. Note: You can set different styles for each character in same text layer.
  • image image Set the font size. In the Combobox have set several common font size for user, you can use directly or set it manually. The unit include: Pixel, Point, MM
  • image image Set the anti-aliasing method. It control the font edge feathering effect. Generally if large size font should open this option to get smooth edge, the character will look more soft. But it is not suit for small size font as it will make the character too thin to see. If deal with the small size font we usually close the anti-aliasing function make the text more clear. Of course this option is effective on the whole layer.
  • image Left align text, Center text, Right align text. This function is most useful for the multiline. You can define different alignment for different line in the same layer.
  • image Set the text color. You can set the color for each character. Pay attention if you do so, the text layer color bar will show “?”. If you feel it is more trouble to choose the color by color picker especially for dealing with many independent characters, use the color library is a wise choice.


  • image Create warped text. As the following example, choose warped style and adjust Bend, Horizontal Distortion, Vertical Distortion by this tool. Note: this function also effective on the whole layer. If you want to make a variety of warp text effect, enter the text in different layer and then set up them separately.


  • image Toggle the character and paragraph palettes.

How To Use The Type Tool In Photoshop

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