Best Datting WordPress Theme CSS

Dating WordPress themes are powerful tools with essential features that allow you to build a fully functioning site. They help users create detailed profiles, interact via chat rooms, and send private messages. While picking the right theme may look complicated, it doesn’t have to be. The best themes allow for customization and help you change the appearance of the site. Here are 5 WordPress themes for dating websites that can help you access the most active communities online.

1. Sweet Date

Sweet Date

Sweet Date is designed to help anyone build an active online community and keep the members coming back for more. It offers a range of premium features and allows you to create different membership levels. Unlike other WordPress plugins, it’s easy to enroll the members using their Facebook accounts.

Sweet date lets users monetize the website with recurring payments collected via different gateways, including PayPal. Another cutting-edge feature is visual appeal. It has a fully responsive design, so mobile users can use their devices.

2. Seeko

This is a community-focused theme with some useful features. Once you install it, you can transfer the content to your website. Not to mention, the homepage allows visitors to do their search. And depending on the features you’ve configured on your WordPress website, the plugin integration will give you the pricing for accessing the online dating community.

Seeko has some built-in tools that allow for matchmaking. So, once the users sign up, they can communicate with each other seamlessly. Besides that, you can message each other and create groups. That’s not all – you can customize the appearance of the dating site and use the drag-drop page builder tool. You’ll surely enjoy the features.

3. Online romance

The online romance theme allows users to share their success stories and even incorporate a blog. It features large imagery and highlights large ascents. In addition to that, it’s fully editable and has formats that enable you to add a lot of information on your website.

Online Romance has dozens of shortcodes and great custom widgets. On the other hand, the filterable portfolio helps users find the information they want. For instance, the homepage has stunning features that contain lots of information and a call to action.

The recent post modules link up the blog posts and help you share useful advice on dating. Along with the various icons to choose from, you’ll find a slew of simple tools to make your dating experience unforgettable.

4. LoveStory

is a feature-rich theme that contains all features for your dating website, in one package. After installation, you can see the user profiles and communicate with the online community in real-time. The filtering options allow you to customize the messaging features, live chat, and user profiles.

With LoveStory, you can monetize the website and earn income from it. If you go for a detailed membership plan, you can access the different levels based on your needs. This theme also includes a selection of widgets that allows you to add useful elements on your website. While the customizable nature makes the theme great for any community site, it can also be a great site builder.

5. Dating Theme

It gives all the features you need for matchmaking or dating website. A lot of effort has gone into making this theme as interactive as possible. Some of the features worth mentioning include private messages, built-in chatrooms, and online status indicator. You can also send winks and gifts to other users.

Dating Theme comes with a distance calculator to allow users to contact those in close proximity. This makes finding the right person much easier. Another feature that makes this theme unique is the chatroom system. It ensures like-minded users meet and exchange ideas. If you’re planning on some kind of social connection, you can’t ignore this theme.

Those sites that use Dating Theme can setup listing enhancements and make the profile stand out of the competition. You can also access helpful stats, including full integration with Google analytics. If you’re not sure how to get started, you can use the demos to play around. On top of that, you get a mobile-responsive website and over 10 payment gateways. Finally, you can add some child themes and still retain the features of a dating site.

Final thoughts

If you want to build a fully functioning dating site with WordPress, you can’t ignore the above themes. They are feature-packed, so you can be sure you’ll find like-minded prospective dates. Of course, you’ll gain access to icons that add visual appeal to your site.