Top 10 Games Available on iOS Apple Store

Tv-icon New iOS games are being released all the time; however, we all want to play the very best games that the iTunes marketplace has to offer. Here are our top 10 picks for best games on the iOS Apple store.

How to Check Flash Player is Installed and Enabled in Chrome in JavaScript

Macromedia-Flash-iconIn Google Chrome there is an option to turn of running any browser plugin (like Flash, Java etc) from running automatically. So sometimes we need to check whether Flash player is installed and enabled or not in Chrome. Normally we can check it with below code:

8 Open Source HTML5 audio/video players in HTML and CSS

Windows-Media-Player-iconAs we all know HTML5 is a revolutionary language that has totally changed how things were done before, and we had collected 23+ Useful HTML5 Open Source Online Video Players & Libraries, today we are going to share 8 open source HTML5 audio/video players.

25 Popular HTML/CSS Frameworks to Reduce Your Task Flow and Code LESS

css-3-iconHTML/CSS frameworks are pre-prepared libraries that are meant to allow for easier, more standards-compliant styling of web pages using the Cascading Style Sheets language. It has grown in popularity recently, a good CSS Framework can help developers rapidly speed up our development time. A well-built CSS framework or boilerplate can streamline the design process, save huge chunks of development time and ensure your website scales properly on all devices. Here’s a collection of very powerful responsive HTML and CSS frameworks which can help you to reduce your task flow and code less:

3 ways to choose a good Web Hosting Service Provider

doubt-icon Choosing a provider for your web hosting service is a really difficult choice( bitter experiences here). With literally hundreds of companies all competing to become your provider, it is understandable to be confused. While each person’s situation is different, we can offer some advices to help you decide which is the best host for you.

Top 5 apps for Android Tablet

android-platform-icon So you’ve just bought your brand new Android tablet but you aren’t sure which apps for Android tablet to install. Here are our top 5 Android tablet apps y­ou should try out.

Merry Christmas – 2012 Christmas PSD for Designers

christmas-tree-icon Hey, Christmas is near! Do you also remember that we collected 50+ Amazing Christmas PNG Sharing With You in 2009?  Years that seemed telescoped like time in a dream, so fast. If you are a designer, it’s time to prepare for designing Christmas cards or wallpapers. I tried to find some free and amazing resource — here is a list of 2012 Christmas PSD for you. Enjoy and Happy Holidays to you all! Merry Christmas!

How To Use The Type Tool In Photoshop

photoshop-icon If your are a fresh man for the Adobe PhotoShop, the following series simple tutorials will help you entry the PS world easily. In this tutorial, we will introduce the type tool —which allows you to pick a font, size and make other changes to your text, you can easily add text to an image or a blank document with PhotoShop Type Tool. Now let’s start.