Adobe Soon To New Publishing Software Make Publishers Create and Profit From Tablet Magazines


Adobe revealed today, the Digital Magazine Solution from Adobe coming in late summer 2010 to Adobe Labs, which is a new kind of creative software specifically intended to help you publish digital magazines for tablet devices such as the iPad. The new software will soon be downloadable from Adobe Labs. The tools that bridge the gap between print-oriented InDesign and software for interactive formats will be included.



Design and production teams create digital magazines using Adobe® InDesign® CS5 and additional publishing technologies. From Adobe Labs you will be able to download these new technologies, including tools for creating advanced interactivity (360° image rotations, image panning/zooming, among others), and bundling digital magazine layouts into the new “.issue” format for consumption in the Digital Content Viewer.

An overview of Adobe Digital Magazine Workflow:

Adobe is also making it easier to add mobile-friendly multimedia to slick, print-reminiscent layouts. Adobe will let you import layouts from InDesign to the new workflow. From there, you’ll be able to add metadata, experiment with portrait and landscape layouts, and export content to the .issue format — a brand-new, ready-to-render file for digital magazines.

Adobe’s Dave Dickson said(from the post Creating Digital Magazines):

Using this Digital Magazine Solution, these publishers can create immersive content without having to hire additional developers or invest in extensive retraining for staff. Publishers can add interactivity without writing code via InDesign and create monetizable digital magazines for the Apple iPad – with other platforms and devices expected in the future.

WIRED launched its digital edition earlier this year, which was created with Adobe’s InDesign CS5, along with some other technologies.

Chris Anderson, Editor in Chief:

In additional, we also can get some handy documentation on how to implement the digital content builder into your current workflow when the new software becomes available for download. And the iPad is clearly the starting point for tablet magazine publishing, I think other tablets will also play nicely with Adobe-created digizines.