Best VPN Providers

It would be disappointing not to access your favorite websites and platforms when you need them the most. But say bye to the inconvenience with the best VPN providers.

Apart from unblocking social media and web streaming websites, VPN offers other possibilities. You can share different files with extra protection. You can enjoy remote access, browse the internet with anonymity, bypass blockers, enhance security, and guarantee bigger savings at the end of the day.

A low-quality VPN, on the other hand, is a bit different. The risks of compromising your security are higher than ever. Your online activity might be tracked, putting your personal information in great danger. Another thing is that the amount of data you can obtain is extremely limited. That’s not all! Your internet connection might be slow. Also, expect a range of annoying ads.

Best VPN Providers

Here are the best VPN providers you can consider:

  1. PerfectPrivacy

PerfectPrivacy has been one of the trusted VPN providers of 2020. Their logging policy is superb. That means your personal data is not only monitored but also stored. This increases your safety and convenience over time.

Developed with the client’s convenience in mind, PerfectPrivacy provides a leak-free connection that’s only available at a competitive rate. It is packed with modern protocol options and sought-after AES-256 encryption. These include SSH, OpenVPN, and IPSec.

But wait, there’s more! The connection is unlimited. You can connect anything that runs on Android, IPTV, Mac, IOS, and Windows, making it a perfect choice for organizations, teams, and businesses. Torrenting is also allowed on most servers.

  1. IPVanish

Started with only a limited server, IPVanish now has a great and wide network with around 1,300 networks all throughout the globe.

But the number of servers is not enough to reach your needs. IPVanish also supports major security protocols. In fact, they use AES-256 encryption, protecting you from getting tracked. You can browse the internet with anonymity.

IPVanish is highly compatible with IOS, Mac devices, Android, and Windows. Whether you’re using IOS or Android phones, IPVanish has a great compatibility you would enjoy for many years.

You have used a VPN before. How was the experience? Perhaps, you’re disappointed with the connection. IPVanish, on the contrary, is different. In fact, you can connect at least 10 devices simultaneously.

The bandwidth is also unlimited, ensuring speed and functionality.

  1. Mullvad

Before, it was hard to search for a feature-packed and excellent VPN? But it has been easier with Mullvad.

Although it is not as outstanding as other VPN providers, don’t underestimate Mullvad as it provides log-free website browsing for Linux, Windows, and Max powered devices.

Just like IPVanish, Mullvad features AES-256 encryption with WireGuard protocols and OpenVPN.

Websites use cookies that track visitors. Using Mullvad can protect your IP address. Thanks to its security technology.

How about the server speed? Well, it is as fast as you imagine, ensuring optimal convenience.

The money-back-guarantee can last within 30 days. Whether you are tired or unsatisfied with the service, feel free to contact the company.

  1. CyberGhost

Experts-recommended and top-notch, CyberGhost has an outstanding list of services. They currently have approximately 5,900 servers throughout 90 countries.

Whether you are in Asia or America, you can connect to a server without any difficulty

What’s the main factor you consider when looking for the best VPN providers? Perhaps, it’s your privacy. At CyberGhost, you can expect a no-logging policy. You can browse social media platforms while staying anonymous.

Whether you encounter WebRTC or DNS leaks before, CyberGhost stands out from the competition.

The company also features an automatic kill switch. If there’s any leak, your session will automatically shut down.

CyberGhost provides an application that you can download within a click of a button.

  1. Zone

Were you looking for a combo of affordability and functionality? Trust.Zone got you covered. You can enjoy the excellent performance while saving some cash over time.

The price ranges from $2.88 to $8.88 per month, making it one of the lowest costs of 2020.

The money-back-guarantee, however, only lasts for 10 days, which can be a big concern for others.

But there’s nothing to worry about. Trust.Zone strives to quality, innovation, and a high level of professionalism. Trust.Zone is indeed top-notch and outstanding.

Bottom Line

You see, there are a lot of the best VPN providers to take advantage of. The trick is to direct your attention to platforms that are trusted by many customers.