Book 1) Design Patterns in ActionScript

Design Patterns in ActionScript Cover

Design Patterns in ActionScript Cover

This book aids intermediate and advanced ActionScript developers in  learning how to plan and build applications more effectively. You’ll learn how to apply design patterns as solutions to common programming scenarios. >>Download it FREE or read it online


Preface    2
Strategy    4
Factory Method    8
Abstract Factory    10
Adapter    13
Decorator    16
Facade    19
Bridge    21
Singleton    24
Observer    26
Template Method    28
Iterator    30
Prototype    32
Builder    34
State    36
Proxy    39
Interpreter    41
Memento    44
Visitor    47
Flyweight    51
Composite    53
Chain of Responsibility    55
Command    57
Mediator    59
Final Note    62

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13 Responses to “Books”

  1. I just read through your book and its very good. I have been wanting to write a similar documentation on common design pattern and you have inspired me to finish it. Thanks for making this a free download, I wish more ActionScript developers learned and used design pattern when creating their own code.

  2. Syed Mazhar Hasan says:

    Great stuff, thanx

  3. [...] Books – Design Patterns in ActionScript Cover [...]

  4. happy.kao says:


  5. Cool stuff, looks really usefull

  6. Geoff says:

    Many thanks for the work you’ve put in to this and making it a free download. This wil definitely come in handy.

  7. Alan Shore says:

    Thanks very much. By the way, the name is from Boston Legal.

  8. kishor says:

    Really coool one.

  9. 嘎嘎 says:


  10. Rakesh says:

    I just love this book. Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Jaychandra kushwaha says:

    Have greate written of this book and just its crazy n get global knowledge.
    for being here

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